Mistakes When Shaping Eyebrows 1

Mistakes When Styling Eyebrows

A pair eyebrow Beauty will balance and harmonize the face, but not everyone is born with the desired eyebrows. To have beautiful eyebrows, women often shape and makeup their eyebrows. If you don't want to get the mistakes when shaping eyebrows, please refer to the following article of Miss Tram Academy ok

Mistakes When Styling Eyebrows

1. Choose an eyebrow shape that doesn't suit your face

The selection eyebrow shape will greatly affect the appearance of the face. If choosing the right eyebrow shape can brighten your face or vice versa, the eyebrows can "break" the charm if you choose the wrong eyebrow shape.

How to shape beautiful eyebrows

Because, depending on the short length and angularity of the face, you will choose for yourself the appropriate eyebrow styles - both to make the face brighter and to cover the facial defects. In addition, with each eyebrow style, you can express the personality you desire.

To choose the right eyebrow shape for you, you need to note the following two points:

  • Horizontal eyebrows will make the face look shorter, while arched or angled eyebrows make the face look longer.
  • The curve will soften the angular lines on the face. If you want to give yourself an impressive or angular face, you should choose a curved eyebrow or an angled eyebrow.

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2. Not following the rule of eyebrow kẻ

Many of you often draw your eyebrows too long or too short, this will make your eyebrows disproportionate to your face. To draw the right eyebrow length, you need to follow the following basic eyebrow rules:

mistakes when shaping eyebrows

Choose a point to draw eyebrows:

  • From the wing of the nose, measure perpendicular to the top of the eyebrow called the tip of the eyebrow (point A).
  • From the side of the nose measuring diagonally to the human heart is the top of the eyebrow (point C).
  • From the side of the nose measured diagonally to the tail of the eye is the end of the eyebrow tail (point B).

When choosing the right eyebrow shape, you can adjust the curvature and direction of the eyebrows so that the points A, B, and C are always in the right position on those measurement lines. When drawing eyebrows, pay attention to light the first part of the eyebrow, the middle part of the eyebrow is dark, and the tail of the eyebrow is medium dark.

3. Choose the same eyebrow color as your hair màu

This problem is often encountered in people who regularly dye their hair. You usually choose the same eyebrow color as your hair color, however, this is not a good idea – it will make the overall face less natural and not harmonious.

What should you pay attention to when shaping eyebrows?

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You should draw your eyebrows with a lighter color than your hair color. For girls with light hair color, eyebrows darker than hair will help your face look more harmonious.

4. Plucking eyebrows too many times

Plucking eyebrows is a way to define the eyebrows more clearly. However, plucking eyebrows too many times will stimulate eyebrows to grow faster, easily causing your eyebrow shape to be distorted and lose the natural arch. In addition, this also has the risk of damaging hair follicles, affecting the health of your eyebrow area.

Should I shape my eyebrows?

If your eyebrows are already in place, it is best not to pluck them, but to trim them instead. Every week, you should only pluck your eyebrows about 2-3 times / week is the most reasonable.

5. Eyebrows are too dark

If you want to create bolder eyebrows to be more defined and beautiful, then perhaps this is a wrong thought. Because too much of anything is not good, too dark eyebrow will lose its natural and attractive look. Besides, eyebrows that are too dark will be too prominent on the face and overshadow other beautiful features on the face.

mistakes when shaping eyebrows

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Therefore, when drawing eyebrows, you should sit in a well-lit place to draw the most accurate eyebrows. In addition, you should draw short and gentle strokes so that the lines are most natural.

6. Create perfect eyebrows

If you are too elaborate and try to shape the eyebrows to be exactly the same, it is not necessarily a beautiful eyebrow. Because the small differences between the two eyebrows are not so important, your eyes are not even the same. In addition, your face always shows emotions, but never stands still to notice those differences.

how to shape eyebrows

So, instead of spending too much time drawing the same eyebrows to perfection, pay attention to correct the contours for your face to be the most harmonious.

Above is the share of Miss Tram Academy about Common mistakes when shaping eyebrows. In order to draw a standard and most beautiful eyebrows, it takes a long time to practice. Be persistent with practice, it may take a lot of time at first, but gradually you will draw eyebrows quickly and beautifully. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have the desired eyebrows!

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