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What Factors Can Affect Eyelash Extensions Time?

|Question – Answer| What Factors Can Affect Eyelash Extensions Time?

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Today Miss Tram has an appointment with Hoai An to consult about beauty and Mi beauty.

Hoai An expressed concern about how long to keep eyelash extensions? What factors are likely to affect the eyelashes after being connected?
This must be not only the concern of Hoai An but also the question of many other women, Miss Tram's customers, right? Miss Tram always answer in this sharing post!

Normally, the time that can keep the shape of the eyelashes after joining will be about 2-3 weeks according to your care. With proper care, Eyelash Extensions can last longer and after that time, you have to add extra miles to the areas where the eyelashes fall out.

In addition, the factors that have a direct impact on the time of keeping eyelash extensions that you especially need to pay attention to are as follows:

Selected eyelash style

Eyelash extension style is the first factor affecting the retention time of eyelash extensions. Depending on the preferences and requirements of each person, there will be different types of eyelash extensions with different thickness - thinness.
Normally, according to Miss Tram's experience, natural thin eyelashes will have a shorter lifespan than thick or angelic lashes.

How to take care of eyelash extensions

Careless eyelash care such as not caring about diet or unscientific daily living habits also makes eyelashes fall out faster.

Depends on each person's body

The time to keep the eyelash extensions fast or slow also depends on the muscles of each person. For those with oily skin, the time to make eyelashes fall out faster than for those with dry skin. Because oily skin makes the contact between real eyelashes and false eyelashes less, resulting in a much reduced durability of the glue.

Daily routine

If you are a person who often wears makeup, the risk of eyelash extensions falling off faster due to the effect of the makeup removal process. Therefore, to prolong the time of keeping the eyelash extensions for a long time, you should limit makeup in the eye area, regularly wear sunglasses when going out!

Quality of eyelash extensions

The quality of the eyelash extension set is a factor that affects 80% of the time it takes to keep the eyelash extensions long or not.

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, we always ensure the use of high quality eyelash extension glue, combined with a team of professional eyelash extensions technicians, with many years of experience in the beauty industry. Therefore, Miss Tram will confidently help you own a perfect pair of eyelashes as expected.


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