Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

[Share] Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

One of the CONVENIENT - QUICK eyelash beautification methods chosen by girls is the eyelash extension method. Eyelash extensions have many different styles such as silk eyelash extensions, 3D eyelash extensions, black rose eyelashes, angel eyelashes... Among them, doll-style eyelash extensions are considered the most suitable for Asian faces, bringing beauty to the face. relaxed and natural.

In today's sharing post, Miss Tram Academy will learn more about this Doll-style eyelash extension with students!

What is a beep eyelash extension?

By connecting many false eyelashes on real eyelashes, the base of the eyelashes are gathered together and the tips spread into a V-shaped beam with different short lengths to give the feeling of thick and natural lashes. However, the false eyelashes here are arranged in a certain order, usually the eyelashes are long in the center and then shortened to the ends to resemble the most doll's eyes.

Who is the doll eyelash suitable for?

For doll lashes, single eyelids, liner eyelids, small but long eyes, doll eyelash extensions will be the most beautiful because you can both "cheat" your height by connecting long strands in the center. middle and take advantage of the length of the eye shape to make the eyes bigger and rounder.

In order to create a beautiful, durable doll eyelashes, the KTV should remember the following factors:

With doll eyelashes in the most basic form, the middle part you can connect eyelashes 13 (middle length 13mm) and then gradually reduce eyelashes 12, 11, 10 to both eyes. Or you can also flexibly choose other parameters such as: connecting the lashes between 2mm is still fine, as long as the overall harmony is ensured, proportionate and DOES NOT break the shape of the doll's eyes.

Use quality false eyelashes and glue

To achieve the factor of DURABLE - BEAUTIFUL and customers feel satisfied, you can refer to 100% genuine Korean silk lashes combined with imported glue for maximum durability as well as no skin irritation. Please.

KTV's workmanship

Doll eyelash extensions require ingenuity and meticulousness to arrange false eyelashes in a certain order. Therefore, the skill of the KTV plays a very important role. Auditors must be well-trained, master the basic knowledge.

In addition, an auditor must always practice skills, regularly learn new technologies, improve their skills and knowledge.

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path as well as to see if you are suitable for this profession or not!

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