Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes 4

Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

If you don't like the personality and charm of black rose eyelash extensions, you can choose doll eyelash extensions for glitter, big round, innocent eyes. This type of eyelash extension is suitable for Asian faces, bringing elegance and naturalness, so it is very popular.

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Doll Eyelash Extensions For Attractive Glitter Eyes

The method of doll eyelash extension has the same technique as today's modern eyelash extension methods, which is to connect many false eyelashes on real eyelashes, the base of the eyelashes are gathered together and the tip spread into a V-shaped beam with a short length The difference between each other for the feeling of thick and natural eyelashes. However, the false eyelashes here are arranged in a certain order, usually the eyelashes are long in the center then shorten to the ends to resemble the most doll's eyes.

With this method, the eyes will become big and round, sparkling, "captivating" others at first sight. Thanks to that, the defects of the eyes such as thin eyelashes, sagging eyelashes, and straight eyelashes are completely overcome.

How to connect beautiful standard doll eyelashes?

In order to create a beautiful, durable doll eyelashes, the person in the eyelash extension process must ensure all of the following factors:

  • Modern eyelash extension technique

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Eyelash extension technique plays an important role in deciding the quality of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension technology must be a modern technology, because the old eyelash extension technologies have large, heavy eyelashes, the glue wrapped around the base of the eyelashes will make the eyelashes itchy and make the eyes heavy and unnatural. The technique of eyelash extensions with the base of the eyelashes is quite short, thin and light, there is no glue around so it does not make the eyes uncomfortable, nor does it affect the flexibility of the eyes.

+ Note: Secrets to Know in the Technique of Eyelash Extensions

  • Quality false eyelashes

Doll eyelash extensions use ultra-small lashes, with relatively wide spread, giving a natural, lifelike feeling. This is a 100% genuine Korean imported silk eyelash, ensuring absolute safety for customers. The glue used for eyelash extensions is also imported glue, for maximum durability.

  • Skilled KTV

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Doll eyelash extensions require ingenuity and meticulousness to arrange false eyelashes in a certain order. Therefore, the skills of the auditors play a very important role. The auditors must be well trained and master basic knowledge such as:

  • Understand the principles of growth and characteristics of eyelashes
  • Know how to choose the right eyelash shape for each customer's face
  • Use equipment and materials used in eyelash extensions expertly
  • Understanding about artificial eyelashes, choosing the right type of eyelashes to ensure eye safety
  • Proficient in eyelash dyeing, eyelash coating, eyelash curling, and eyelash extension techniques
  • Master the skill of fixing broken eyelash extensions
  • Know how to remove eyelash extensions and take care of them in the best way

In addition, an auditor must always practice skills, regularly learn new technologies, improve their skills and knowledge.

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+ Note: Whether or not to perform Lower Eyelash Extensions

  • Strict eyelash extension process

In order for eyelash extensions to be beautiful and safe, eyelash extensions need to make sure to follow the necessary route as follows:

 Step 1: Examination and consultation

The consultant learns the needs of the customer, checks the condition of the eyelashes, then advises the customer on the type of connection, the length of the eyelashes, helping the customer choose the most suitable eyelash style.

Step 2: Clean the eyelid area

KTV takes steps to clean the eyelid area to avoid the risk of infection during the eyelash extension process.

Step 3: Conduct eyelash extensions

KTV conducts eyelash extensions according to the style and color that the customer has chosen.

Step 4: Care consultation

After the connection is complete, the experts will guide you on how to take care of your eyelash extensions at home, making them as durable and beautiful as possible.

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+ Note: How Much Time Does Eyelash Extensions Take?

To be able to create a beautiful, shiny, doll-like standard eyelashes, it is necessary to try a lot of factors. Therefore, if you want to master the basic knowledge to make the foundation as well as get thorough advice from leading eyelash extensions artists, you should contact us. Miss Tram Academy to be properly trained. Miss Tram will bring you the best knowledge, build a solid foundation as well as create the maximum conditions, help you succeed in your career and become an elite eyelash extension artist.

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