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Is Silk Eyelash Extensions Harmful To Eyes?

|Q&A| Is Silk Eyelash Extensions Harmful To Eyes?

Is Silk Eyelash Extensions Harmful to Eyes 3

No need to spend a lot of time applying false eyelashes or applying mascara to get natural curled lashes anymore. The "silk eyelash extension" method was born almost as a "salvation" for the sister association.
However, "is silk eyelash extensions harmful to the eyes? This is a question that has attracted a lot of attention in recent times.

Let's listen to the answer from Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center!

In fact, silk eyelash extensions NO HARMFUL for your eyes because:

  • Silk eyelash extension is a method of using false eyelashes with a customized amount, depending on the eye shape and facial features to stick on real eyelashes.
  • Silk eyelashes have a soft material, the size and color are produced thicker and darker than silk, so when used, it will create a highlight for the face with medium blackness and suitable for many different ages.
  • However, silk eyelash extensions will be really worrying and pose a risk to the eyes if you do it at a poor quality facility or inexperienced professionals.

Common harms when you have unsafe eyelash extensions have been shared in Miss Tram's previous post. Please take the time to learn carefully before beautifying with this method!

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