Must Fan Sculpting Only Suitable For Eyebrows With Many Threads

|Question – Answer|| Must Fan Sculpting Only Suitable For Eyebrows With Many Threads

eyebrows already have many strands

Up to the present time, Miss Tram still feels the "burning heat" of the natural fiber sculpting method in women because this technology creates beautiful images. . Therefore, the question and answer box is still constantly Ting…Ting… with questions related to this technology.

One of the questions chosen as the topic for today is Is sculpture only combined with eyebrows that already have many strands?

With Miss Tram, this is a COMPLETELY NOT TRUE statement because:

If your eyebrows already have many strands plus the strands are arranged perfectly, then this is not only your advantage but also the desire of many other girls. You just need to skillfully trim it so that it is neat and suitable.

If the eyebrows already have many strands, but they grow messy, or lack the head, lose the tail, or the fibers are many but pale, this is the time when Sculpture comes into play.

Sculpture is a way of carving yarn, knitting finely alternately into places where the eyebrows are sparse and empty to fill them. The ink line follows the growth path of the real eyebrows in a smooth, rhythmic way.

The defects of the eyebrows will be overcome by the skillful hands of experts - highly skilled artisans, knowledgeable in theory and skills, to bring complete and natural beauty to the face. People who are not observant can hardly detect it as artificial eyebrows.

Take a few minutes to see if your eyebrows are really suitable? Are you satisfied with them? If not, book an appointment now so Miss Tram's experts help you shape and beautify them!

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