Before And After Eyelid Spray, 9D Eyebrow Sculpting After Eyebrow Lifting

Result of Eyelid Spraying, Eyebrow Sculpting with 9D Yarn After Eyebrow Lifting

Before: Before coming to Miss Tram, were you worried about the problem of correcting the shape of your eyebrows, sculpting your eyebrows after you just hung your eyebrows?

Or: After a period of consultation with the #TeamMissTram team, she was advised that it is possible.

Creating a new eyebrow shape, and meticulously sculpting 9D eyebrows not only creates a new eyebrow shape that is in harmony with the face, but also partially covers her unhealed hanging scar. Result She was very satisfied with her new eyebrows, so pleased that she also did the upper eyelid sculpting service. You look so much younger. Wish you stay beautiful forever!

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