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Collagen Lip Spray What Needs Attention

What should be paid attention to when spraying collagen lips? Let's see the article to learn specifically about the technique and secret of collagen lip spray and from there the spa offers specific advice. Collagen lip spray is one of the beauty technologies that many people love when they want to own fresh lips, fresh and gentle colors. However, in order to bring satisfactory results to our customers, in the process of implementation we need to keep in mind certain points.

Things to Note When Spraying Lips Collagen

Why is collagen lip spray so popular?

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Compared with other methods, collagen lip spray is added with collagen essence to the ink, helping the lips to have a beautiful color and a much smoother appearance. This method is extremely suitable for those who have dry, chapped lips, pale lips that are unsightly due to geography or the effects of cosmetics.

After being put into the skin in a reasonable dose, collagen essence will begin to work, regenerate damaged skin areas, and return the lips to their smooth appearance. Not only that, collagen lip spray also helps to overcome some defects on the lips such as: lips with many wrinkles, lip lines are not clear, lip shape is not balanced, ... Combined with shaping techniques, this beauty method It will help your lips to be beautiful but still natural.

After spraying collagen lips, we can return to our daily lives, without pain or excessive abstinence. When the lips peel off the outer ink layer, the color is more even, helping girls stay confident anytime, anywhere even without makeup.

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Collagen Lip Spray What to Pay Attention to 5

Collagen lip spray technique

In general, the steps of collagen lip spray are not too different from other methods. It is important that we use toner with added essence collagen pure in reasonable doses. In addition, the quality of the ink must ensure the origin, the ingredients are safe according to regulations. Only in this way, new customer lips are guaranteed to have the expected results, in accordance with the spirit of this technology.

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Spraying collagen lips in general needs to follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Conduct an examination and evaluation of the lip condition for the customer to determine how to shape, whether to treat the dark first.

Step 2: Perform numbing, cleaning for lips. The numbing process should only be watched for about 10-15 minutes, because it can darken lips for a long time.

Step 3: Sanitize equipment and tools necessary for the tattooing process.

Note when spraying collagen lips

Step 4: Start with the following techniques:

  • First you have to put the needle from the center of the lips to the outside
  • Put the needle on the lower lip first, then the upper lip
  • Take one turn on the lower lip and then move on to the upper lip
  • Spray the lower lip 2-3 layers more than the upper lip

In the process of going the needle must ensure to go evenly, the depth is about 0,3mm with a moderate speed. Thus, the new ink penetrates evenly into the skin and does not cause other damage to this sensitive skin area.

Step 5: After spraying, we will clean and apply vaseline to the lips.

When done, you must instruct customers on how to take care of their lips with such notes as: limit contact with water, do not peel off the color layer, add healthy foods (rich fruits and vegetables). vitamins, vegetables) and limit eating foods with erection if the client has a sensitive body.

Note when spraying collagen lips

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Here are some notes of Miss Tram Academy in collagen lip injection technique. Hope you have had more useful experiences. Wish you quickly master the profession, successfully create beautiful natural lips for customers.

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