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How long does it take to spray smoky lips?

| Questions and answers || Is spray-on lip spray LAST COLOR?

Is the soot spray method durable?

The lip color is darkest at the center of the lips and fades towards the edge, while creating an "effect" that both makes the lips have depth and makes the width of the lips more "thin" and more elegant. but SPRAY LIST OF SALT bring.

However, many customers are still a bit "confused" when choosing this method because they don't know if they are DURABLE or not?

In fact, the COLOR FAST of soot spray depends on the following factors:

  • Is the lip tattooing technology at the cosmetic centers modern and advanced?
    If the equipment is more modern, you can be completely assured of the quality and safety when performing these cosmetic methods.
  • The quality of lip spray ink meets international standards, ensuring aesthetic beauty but also meeting customer safety. This is also one of the important factors that determine the color fastness of the lips.
  • To achieve this aesthetic effect requires the specialist to have expertise and high skills, ingenuity and sophistication to be able to create a perfect product, helping your girlfriend to have a beautiful, pink lips. moat.
  • In addition, how to care after spraying is also a factor that affects the color as well as the "lifetime" of the soot lips.

Therefore, when deciding to spray soot, you should carefully study and do it at professional and reputable cosmetology facilities with skilled KTV to achieve the most satisfactory results!

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