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How long can I use Lipstick for Lip Tattoo?

|Question – Answer| How long can I use Lipstick for Lip Tattoo?

How long can you use lipstick?

Depending on personal requirements or preferences, each customer who comes to Miss Tram to beautify lips has different color options. Some people like really bold lip color, it takes time to go anywhere without makeup. Another customer requested that you just need to remove dark spots and go for a natural, gentle color, when you need to add a little more lipstick.

But I also have more questions about timing.”abstinence" How long to use lipstick after spraying lips?
By the way, here is the answer for everyone to know. Time abstinence This depends on 3 main factors:

  • Skill level of KTV
  • Quality of ink used
  • Lip spray technology

With today's modern spray technologies (micro-touch lip spray, silk-covered lip spray, stem cell lip spray,...) then only after 2 months, you can apply lipstick normally because:

After spraying the lips, the lips also need to have a "rest" period of 3-7 days for the scabs to fall off. The ideal time for lips to color up is from 1-2 months after tattooing (depending on the care and location of each person).

During the waiting period for the lips to have a beautiful standard color, only use the lip balm as indicated by the center to quickly peel off the scales and keep the lips moist and not dry. ABSOLUTELY NOT Use other lipsticks to avoid affecting the cosmetic results and lip color.

How long can you use lipstick?

In case because of the nature of work or some force majeure reason, it is necessary to use lip balm, Miss Tram hopes that everyone can take a little time to visit the Center for experts to assess the condition of the lips and lips. Give me the right advice!

Do not hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

  • Spray lips with Korean technology Crystal (suitable for both men and women).
  • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips.
  • Spray the Queen's lips.
  • Spray the stem cell lips.
  • Sculpting lips micro whore.
  • Collagen crystal lip sculpture.
  • Stem cell lip sculpting.
  • Natural lip sculpting for men.
  • Treat dark spots and spray natural lips for both men and women.
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