Top 8 Newest Lip Sculpting Tattoo Methods Today

Lip tattooing is currently one of the most popular services in the beauty industry - helping customers own fresh, natural lips, without worrying about poor color or dullness.

With the development of technology, there are now many lip sculpting tattooing techniques that allow technicians to create impressive lip "works".

If you are looking for and updated on the latest lip sculpting techniques, this article will be the source of information you need!

Why Should You "Update" The Latest Lip Sculpting Tattoo Techniques

Updating and using new and modern lip sculpting techniques brings many benefits to people working in the spa industry.

Real-life tattoo spray course at Miss Tram
Real-life tattoo spray course at Miss Tram


  • Satisfying customer requirements: Customers always want to experience the latest and most modern services, if the spa can't meet it, it's easy to lose potential customers.
  • Provide better service: Using new techniques often yields better results and overcomes the limitations of old techniques. This will help the spa to provide more professional services, more favorable to attract new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Increase your ability to compete with competitors: While other spas are also applying the latest techniques, if your spa is not updated with new methods in time, it is difficult to create a competitive advantage.
  • Career Development: Spa professionals should update and learn new techniques regularly to improve their skills and develop their careers.
  • Time saving: The latest techniques are often "designed" to reduce lead times and increase customer experience.
  • Increase revenue: When spa professionals provide the latest and most modern services, they can attract new customers and increase revenue for the spa.

Synthesis of the Latest Lip Sculpting Tattooing Techniques

1. Collagen lip spray

As the latest lip spray technology from Korea, collagen lip spray will push collagen into the bottom of the lip skin cells - regenerate fresh, plump lips, improve dullness. This method is suitable for all subjects, especially those aged 30 years or older (lip skin has or is about to show signs of aging).

2. 3D Lip Spray

3D lip injection technique uses a 2mm needle to put ink into the epidermis of the lip skin. When performing, the technician only glides gently on the lips, not deeply invasive, causing no pain or swelling. This technology effectively overcomes the condition of dry lips, darkening, poor color, unclear border ...

3. Micro-touch lip spray

Micro-touch lip spray (spray baby charm) is an advanced, effective and safe lip beautification method; help improve heavy dark lips, thin or too thick lips… The ultra-thin micro-touch lip injector makes the needle process gentle and easy to control to create beautiful and even lip color.

4. Spray crystal lips

Crystal lip spray technique for natural lip color, not as dark as some old tattoo techniques. This technology comes from Korea, using a microscopic nano needle to put ink into the epidermis of the lip skin - for natural lip color, shaping the lips. After finishing for a plump, iridescent crystal effect.

Lip liner spray technique at Miss Tram
Lip liner spray technique at Miss Tram

5. Stem cell lip spray

Stem cell lip spray is also one of the latest lip spray techniques today. This method adds stem cells into the lip epidermal cells - bringing youthful, attractive lips to customers.

The advantage of stem cell lip spray is high safety, natural beauty, diverse ink colors.

6. European technology lip spray

European technology lip spray using micro-nano needles with fast moving speed; Gives plump, fresh lips. The method does not cause pain, swelling or irritation; Only skilled, experienced technicians can do it well.

7. Plascell lip spray

Plascell lip spray technology is being applied by many large beauty salons and spas to create naturally beautiful lips. Plascell technique combined with cold plasma irradiation helps reduce swelling, the tattooed lip area heals quickly.

8. Micro-lip sculpting

Micro-point lip sculpting is being highly appreciated by customers thanks to the technique of using a specialized engraving knife in combination with micro-point lip spray to create beautiful smooth colors and fast color adhesion.

This method can correct the defects of the lip shape, accelerate the color and get the right color. In particular, the ink is spread evenly to each corner of the lips, so it is very natural.

Where Is It Good To Learn The Newest Lip Sculpting Tattoo Technique?

The latest methods of tattooing and lip sculpting with outstanding efficiency are indispensable for those who are working in the industry and preparing to enter the cosmetic tattoo industry.

With many years of experience in providing beauty services - spa training, the cosmetic tattoo spray course at Miss Tram Academy is a prestigious solution for those who want to approach new methods.

Top 8 Newest Lip Sculpting Tattoo Methods Today 2

Miss Tram Academy trains lip sculpting tattoo spray with commitments:

  • The training program is well designed, following the new beauty trends.
  • Hand-held training is only 1:1, you can do it wherever you go.
  • Modern and complete facilities; ensure good quality training.
  • Qualified, professional instructors with many years of experience in teaching cosmetology.
  • 80% of the program is practice hours, practice on imitation leather and also on real models.
  • Tuition fees are affordable and there are frequent incentive programs.
  • After completing the course, students will receive a certificate under the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Hope the article will help you know more about the Latest lip spray technique Currently. Besides, if you have a need to participate in a professional lip tattoo spray course, please contact Miss Tram Academy immediately!

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