Causes of Hidden Acne & Effective Ways to Treat Acne Hidden Under the Skin 2

Causes of Hidden Acne & Effective Ways to Treat Acne Hidden Under the Skin

Hidden acne - type of acne that appears under the skin, making the skin rough, less smooth and especially unsightly. Moreover, if acne is not treated properly, the customer's skin will be very vulnerable.

Therefore, if you are an expert Skin Care Professional, you must not only be proficient in the treatment process. BBesides, it is also necessary to master the most basic knowledge about skin and hidden acne to advise customers on the most effective treatment course. In this article, let's Miss Tram VietNam learn methods treat acne hidden under the skin Safest and most effective!

1. What is hidden acne?

What causes hidden acne?
Acne hidden under the skin

Acne hidden under the skin Acne is a type of acne that is located deep below the pore, does not cause inflammation. This type of acne is very small in size, not as big and not as obvious as other types of acne nodules and pustules.

This type of acne especially often grows in clusters and often appears on the skin of the face such as the forehead, the cheeks, .... Moreover, acne hidden under the skin is a type of acne that does not bring pain like cystic acne, pustules or acne. At the same time, the skin with hidden acne is not red or swollen.

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2. What causes hidden acne to appear?

Understanding the cause of hidden acne will bring the best treatment results. Although hidden acne does not cause much harm to health, if the acne lasts for a long time, the skin will be damaged and at the same time cause serious cosmetic loss. There are many causes for hidden acne to grow underneath the skin, but some of the most common ones are as follows:

how to treat acne hidden under the skin
Causes of hidden acne
  • The body is having a hormone disorder, a good endocrine disorder.
  • Using many types of cosmetics that are not good, have toxic ingredients and cause allergies to the skin.
  • Dust gets clogged in pores due to not exfoliating regularly.
  • Skin care is sketchy, not clean.
  • Treatment of hidden acne in the wrong way, not reasonable.
  • Improper nutrition such as frequent use of greasy or hot spicy foods, etc.
  • Does not protect the skin when in direct contact with the external environment, dirt, biological waste.
  • Having bad habits such as staying up late or often touching dirty hands on the face, etc.

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3. Diagnosis of hidden acne mụn

To diagnose and treat acne hidden under the skin effectively, you need to carefully examine the skin to give the most suitable course. Some note Miss Tram Academy Please share:

  • Find out the cause of acne hidden under the skin by collecting information such as: customers Skincare How to take care of your skin, what cosmetic lines have you used, what is your diet, how often do you stay up late or not?
  • It is important to know if the client has used any acne treatment before and what results have been achieved.
  • It is recommended to use a dermatoscope or a Wood lamp to accurately determine the condition and level of hidden acne on the customer's skin.

4. Safe and effective acne treatment methods

For each different condition and grade of hidden acne, there will be a specific treatment course. Some treatment methods for hidden acne that cosmetic facilities often use:

Using topical medications, oral medications and skin care regimens Strict inside and out. Combine with special cosmetics and healthy diet. This method requires the patience of the customer and the careful monitoring and observation of both the customer and the esthetician for a long time to limit the hidden acne.

Steps to treat acne hidden under the skin
Apply acne cream

Treatment of hidden acne with technologies such as: Laser technology, Oxy Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology, etc. to deliver fast, effective and safe results. However, aesthetic units need to ensure the use of modern technology and machine learning, as well as skilled technicians to ensure the best results for customers.

acne treatment at home
Acne treatment with new technology

Using acne treatments that have a combination of technology and natural methods. This method also requires a long follow-up time to get results.

Causes of Hidden Acne & Effective Ways to Treat Acne Hidden Under the Skin 3
Acne treatment combined with natural methods

In particular, if the customer has ever treated hidden acne but failed, or the skin is too sensitive, it is necessary to apply stem cell culture first. This will ensure that the skin is healthy and ready to receive treatments.

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5. Things to advise customers after the treatment for hidden acne

In order for the treatment of hidden acne to be most effective, you need to instruct customers to have a thorough skin care regimen at home as follows:

  • Always choose skin care cosmetic lines with mild ingredients, completely extracted from nature so that the skin is not irritated.
  • Always apply sunscreen every day and cover carefully to make sure your skin is protected in the best way.
  • Pay attention to the skincare steps for the skin every day carefully.
  • Establish a healthy diet and lifestyle, ensuring that the body and skin are always provided with enough water, vitamins and essential nutrients.
  • Be patient and patient with the process, because hidden acne is difficult to get rid of at the root.

To become a professional skin care and treatment specialist. In addition to mastering the procedures, you need to understand the skin problems as well as the entire process from examination to the end of treatment. Thus, you will improve your skills, specialize and have more opportunities for development. Hopefully the information that Miss Tram shared above will help you. Thank you for following our article.

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