How to treat freckles effectively

How to Treat Freckles Safely and Effectively

BLACKHEAD – one of the skin problems that any KTV who attends a Skin Care course is interested in. Let's find out with Miss Tram right away effective methods of treating freckles to add more knowledge for yourself!

Safe and Effective Freckle Treatment Methods

1.Treat freckles with functional food pills

Today, using drugs to treat freckles is also being chosen by women, with their origin from natural herbs to help balance hormones on the skin, reduce freckles but cannot be completely eliminated.

Home remedies for freckles
How to treat freckles at home

2. Treatment of freckles with natural ingredients

For mild and light freckles, you can take advantage of the following ways:

Green tea: Apply a mixture of green tea to the skin for about 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water to help reduce freckles quite effectively.

– Cinnamon powder: Mix cinnamon powder + 2 tablespoons of honey and apply to the skin for 15-20 minutes, wash your face with warm water to help regenerate skin, reduce freckles.

- Coconut oil: has moisturizing, skin-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects quite effectively, can be applied directly to the freckled skin or mixed with yogurt, honey ... to improve the effect. See freckle removal recipe with coconut oil - 4 formulas that combine other ingredients with coconut oil to effectively remove freckles.

3. Treatment of freckles with Laser Yag . technology

With wavelengths of 1064nm & 532nm, Yag Laser affects and removes pigments causing melasma, freckles completely and completely - effective results immediately after only 1 treatment.

freckle treatment technology at spa
Freckle treatment results with technology at Spa

The effectiveness of the treatment will surprise you:

  • Skin is removed freckles, melasma quickly.
  • Revitalizes skin, makes skin brighter, more smooth.
  • No burning pain, no sequelae, scars, dark spots.
  • The treatment time is fast, safe and highly effective.

With the above 3 methods of freckle treatment, KTV will help KTV a lot in consulting and treating customers. Based on the actual situation, it will help you choose a safe and effective method. See details image of freckle treatment results at spa Latest.

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