Before And After The Process Of Brow Browing Eyebrows, Head Sculpting And Brow Powder Spraying

Actual Image of the Process of Browsing Eyebrows, Head Sculpting and Spraying Powder for the Tail

Before: This customer's eyebrows have been green before and the ink color has also faded a lot. She researched and learned that Miss Tram handled the phenomenon of damaged eyebrow tattoo very well, so she went to Miss Tram with the desire to beautify her eyebrows.

Or: So when she came to Miss Tram, she was treated by a specialist before sculpting the head and spraying the powder on the tail. This method of making will help to cover the defects of the old eyebrows, make the new shape beautiful and gentle, not too dark and fierce when looking at it.

Miss Tram thank you for trusting and using our service! See actual pictures below:

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