Treatment of Lip Color Too Dark - Irregular - Blurred - Bruise 2

Treating Lip Color Too Dark – Irregular – Smudged – Bruised

|Discussion| Treatment Methods Lip Color Too Dark – Irregular – Smudged – Bruised

Treatment of Lip Color Too Dark - Irregular - Blurred - Bruise 3

Spray Embroidery Cosmetic lip sculpting that is too dark, uneven, smudged or bruised are all inevitable for newbies (especially students who have not practiced much). Today Miss Tram Academy Summarize some of the most basic errors and share your handling, Miss Tram students study together.

The secret to removing dark spots and lip color with high technology is 100% without leaving scars

How to Deal with Irregular Spray Lips – Blurred Lips – Deep Lips

Finished lips are dry

– Cause: Due to the force going too fast, uneven hand or when mixing ink, giving too much white color.

– Treatment: After 60 days, reapply a layer of lip gloss. Spiral spray to avoid damage to the skin of the lips, creating a natural shine

Lips that do not darken become dark

– Cause: Improper technique to go too fast, needle too deep, too strong, or because the needle goes straight, not spiral.

– How to handle: After 30 days, redo orange or red orange. Go with the right technique and light hands

Lip color is uneven, patchy, there are spots

– Cause: Uneven ink mixing, uneven treatment or uneven force, shallow places
– How to treat: re-apply the areas that are not colored

As for "Dark lip rims" and "Lips without color", do you recall any lessons or experience with Miss Tram????

In order to create beautiful lips for customers, the technicians not only have solid knowledge and skills, but also have to use modern and appropriate equipment, and the ink color must be of good quality.

Good luck to everyone studying. And don't hesitate to send Q&A to Miss Tram. Miss Tram is happy to answer your questions.

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