Before And After Sculpting 9D Threaded Eyebrow Sculpture for the Head And Powder Spraying for the Tail

Image of the Result of Red Eyebrow Treatment and Sculpting with 9D Yarn for the Head and Powder for the Tail of the Eyebrow

Before: The customer's eyebrows have been sprayed before, and are now red. She learned about Miss Tram handling damaged eyebrows very well, so she came to ask for help and wanted to beautify her eyebrows.

Or: For those of you who have been spraying eyebrows for a while, the old ink color is still deep red, and have a hobby of makeup, the method of sculpting the eyebrows with 9D yarn at the beginning and spraying the superfine powder at the tail is the method. best fit. Just cover the defects of the old ink color, just up the beautiful eyebrow shape and sharp eyebrow color.

Customers at Miss Tran are very satisfied with their new eyebrows, she said that from now on, she doesn't have to waste time to draw eyebrows anymore.

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