The Most Standard Eyebrow Sculpting Process 1

The Best Eyebrow Sculpting Process

Just like any form of cosmetic tattoo spray, eyebrow sculpture (3D, 6D, 9D) must follow a certain process. Although depending on each facility, there will be changes in the process steps, but basically we have to do well before, during and after the sculpting. Down here, Miss Tram Academy This will help students better understand the process.

The Best Eyebrow Sculpting Process

Sculpting eyebrows and things to note

Because this is a form of beauty, an important influence on the aesthetic of the customer's face, so you must be very careful and pay attention in each stage of implementation. In addition to being good at workmanship, choosing quality ink, we must have a clear process with specific steps. This discernment will help you understand everything from preparation to implementation and troubleshooting, and understand what is the most important step, which affects the final outcome.

Standard eyebrow sculpting process

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In general, in eyebrow sculpting, the process needs to ensure 3 stages:

  • Before sculpting you

After receiving the customer request, you will carefully observe and evaluate the current status of the customer. This check step will help us make an overview, advise the most suitable eyebrow shape for the customer's face. You will then advise the client on the following:

eyebrow sculpting technology

Tell the customer about the eyebrow shape you plan to do, analyze the suitability with the customer's face. At the same time, you must listen to and acknowledge the wishes and preferences of your guests to know what they really need?

Advise customers about the process of sculpting, the results obtained, the symptoms that may be encountered during and after the implementation. This is essential because it helps the client to prepare the best psychologically during the sculpting time.

Ask customers about their health status, whether they are prone to irritation, difficult to heal scars or not to prepare a treatment plan if an incident occurs.

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  • Do eyebrow sculpting

After discussing with the customer the necessary information, you will prepare a comfortable bed to perform the operation, helping the guest to relax in the best way. The sculpting steps proceed as follows:

eyebrow sculpting process

Step 1: Draw eyebrow shape and edit for satisfied customers. Incubate the client for about 15-20 minutes. Note that you should use quality numbing, with clear origin, meeting the standards of the Health agency.

Step 2: Prepare a full range of specialized sculpting tools such as covering stainless steel trays, sterilizing damp cotton balls, preparing rings, ink, ink mixers, cotton swabs, sharp toothpicks, sculpting cotton swabs, gloves, masks, etc. Must ensure the best lighting conditions in the sculpture room for precise manipulations.

Step 3: Mix the ink color in the appropriate ratio. When mixing ink you must observe the skin color, hair color of the customer, thereby determining the color ratio to bring the best results.

Step 4: Invite customers to check new equipment, engraving blades, this will give customers more peace of mind.

After completing the above steps, you will start the sculpting technique according to the predetermined eyebrow shape.

  • After sculpting

At the end of the sculpting process, you will wipe off excess ink and invite guests to check the results. A successful sculpted eyebrow must ensure a harmonious dark and light, the sculpted fibers intertwine with the real eyebrows, the eyebrows look natural.

eyebrow sculpting process

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If the customer has finished checking and the color is correct, you need to apply Vaseline to lock the color. Then, instruct the customer to take care of the eyebrows so that they can peel off evenly:

  • Tell guests not to let their eyebrows come into contact with water for the first 3 days.
  • Do not arbitrarily pry, but let you peel off naturally.
  • Apply Vaseline continuously to keep the color, help you not to break the yarn.

Follow the above process, not only support you to complete the sculpture smoothly, but also bring professionalism and trust from customers. Make a note of these process steps and do it well!

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