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Learn The Best Eyelash Extension Process

Q – A: How Many Steps Does the Standard Eyelash Extension Process Take?

In order to connect beautiful eyelashes for customers, it is not only aesthetic but also safe for the eyes. NO SCIENCE - COMPLEX - Itching are essential elements in the eyelash extension process, so have the KTVs fully grasped the standard knowledge on this issue yet? Let's find out the standard eyelash extension process from AZ right below to gain more knowledge of beautiful eyelash extensions!

- Step 1: Check, evaluate and advise the customer which type of eyelashes is suitable and what style should be attached to them (if the customer has makeup, they should remove makeup for the best evaluation). In addition, the expert also tested to see if your skin is irritated with the eyelash extension glue? Check out what you need to know about eyelash extension glue to understand better!

In which case should I go for eyelash extensions?
Experts check the client's eyelash condition

- Step 2: Stick the tape on the lower lashes to avoid making it difficult to squint, brush the client's lashes apart to make it easier to stitch false eyelashes to real ones.

Is eyelash glue harmful or not?
Test skin irritation with eyelash glue

- Step 3: Connect false eyelashes to real eyelashes with tweezers in the most meticulous and accurate way.

Is eyelash extensions difficult?
Attach false eyelashes to real eyelashes

* Note:

+ KTV places eyelashes at a 45-degree angle, do not insert eyelashes in the vertical direction.

+ Take the freshest glue, especially at the sharp top and middle of the glue drop

+ Withdraw false eyelashes at a moderate speed and evenly.

- Step 4: Check the eyelashes after completing, see if there are uneven, beautiful or glued areas, the KTV needs to correct them accordingly.

beautiful eyelash extensions
Check the results of eyelash extensions for final editing

- Step 5: Advise Customers on eyelash care: avoid rubbing eyes too many times, abstain from water, wash your face carefully, don't use mascara on the eyelashes… See details How to take care of eyelashes after extension the safest.

Important notes, how to take care of eyelashes after joining
Follow up with customers after eyelash extensions

- Step 6: Inform customers after 7-10 days to re-mile for more even and beautiful eyelashes.

With the above 6 steps, we hope to help KTV have an overview of this method, thereby applying it to practice to help customers own sparkling and charming eyes. So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? Is it difficult to learn eyelash extensions?? If you want to know more about the cost and advantages of learning eyelash extensions at Miss Tram, see HERE

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