How is the Angel Eyelash Extension Process at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center 1

How is the Angel Eyelash Extension Process at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

|Q&A|| How is the Angel Eyelash Extension Process at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

angel eyelash extension process

If you want a pair of long and curved eyelashes to create a highlight for the "window of the soul" and still keep the natural features, then Angel Eyelash Extensions can be considered as the "No. 1 candidate" that Miss Tram nominated. for you. Because angel eyelashes will help natural eyelashes be thicker but not too thick and have a beautiful spread plus very high durability.

Special, the process to have an angel eyelashes Satisfaction takes place in just 6 steps at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

+ This step is quite important because it will determine the strength of the eyelashes to restore or nourish in case the eyelids are too weak. If your eyelids are normal, you can proceed with eyelash extensions right away.

+ Depending on the balance of each face as well as personal preferences, you can choose to stack 1-2 layers of eyelashes to give the eyes more depth and sparkle.

Step 2: Clean the eyelid area

The specialist cleans the eyelid area to remove dirt, avoiding the risk of unnecessary infection during the eyelash extension process.

Step 3: Prepare the eyelash extension tool

Choose the right eyelash size and apply adhesive tape to ensure that the eyelash extension will not cause any damage to the eye and surrounding area.

Step 4: Conduct eyelash extensions

The lashes will be connected to the correct size and style you have selected. In addition, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center is committed to using good quality glue, along with a skilled KTV, to ensure the most beautiful eyelashes with the best quality.

Step 5: Finish the eyelash extension stitch

Once completed, the Specialist will conduct a double check to ensure that the lashes are firmly connected and not displaced.

Step 6: Investigate and re-examine

After finishing eyelash extensions, the specialist will remove the adhesive tape and brush the lashes evenly, creating the most natural curvature for the lashes.
Next is eyelash care and eye drops to help the brightest and most beautiful eyes.

And in order for every work created to make the customer most satisfied and satisfied, the specialist will not forget to advise you on what to do and what not to do in the process of eyelash care.

So try to do exactly what you have been told. And if you need any further advice, do not hesitate to contact Miss Tram immediately so that our consultant can assist you right away!

angel eyelash extension process

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