Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 6

Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process

Arm hair removal one of salon Popular at spas, chosen by many people today. Knowing the knowledge related to hair removal and the implementation process will help technicians ensure the safety and efficiency of the best service for customers.

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Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 7

Spa standard arm hair removal procedure

  • Step 1: Check and consult directly

Customers will be checked their skin condition. After that, you will be better advised on the appropriate technology and treatment for your skin condition.

  • Step 2: Clean the area to be treated

With this step, the KTV will sterilize the arm skin, if it is too long, it can be trimmed to help the skin absorb better wavelengths, providing fast treatment results.

  • Step 3: Apply ice cream

Apply a layer of clear cold gel to the arm skin to soften the hairs. At the same time, soothe the skin and limit the burning pain during the procedure.

Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 8

  • Step 4: Adjust the appropriate wavelength

Using hair removal technology of the spa, depending on the customer's skin condition to adjust the appropriate wavelength to ensure the best safety and effectiveness.

  • Step 5: Clean the arm skin gel that has just been removed

When finished, clean the gel on the arm skin just done. Continue to apply a layer of cream to help soften the skin, provide moisture and effectively regenerate the skin.

Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 9

Perform hair removal procedure

Usually one arm hair removal procedure The above will last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on each spa and the customer's skin condition.

Care after hair removal at spa

  • Limit exposure to the sun within 48 hours to avoid being affected by radiation rays, causing melanin pigment to develop.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • After hair removal, the skin on the arms will become sensitive and weak, so only use baby shower gel to clean.
  • Clean the skin regularly, exfoliate scientifically to protect the skin
  • Do not use hot water.
  • Normally, after 5-7 weeks, the pores, the destroyed hair follicles have been pushed up and automatically fall out. Continue like this until thinning, be careful not to shave or hair wax.
  • Follow the correct procedure, go back to check to do the next hair removal.
  • Supplement foods with skin regeneration functions such as ripe red fruits, fruits containing large amounts of vitamin C, pork, etc.

Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 10

Use sunscreen regularly

Some of today's highly appreciated arm hair removal technologies

1. IPL . Technology

Using a high-intensity light source emitted from a Flashlamp bulb with wavelengths from 515 nm to 1200 nm, it penetrates deep into the root of the hair follicle, killing the hairs and destroying and preventing hair follicles from growing.

2. Elight Technology

Is a combination of two technologies IPL and RF waves, Using Elight light to burn hair follicle cells, making hair follicles smaller. At the same time, creating a strong barrier to prevent hair regrowth.

Professional Spa Arm Hair Removal Process 11

Hair removal with Elight light technology

3. Laser Diode Technology

Diode Laser is a cold thermal semiconductor hair removal solution that uses RF (Radio Frequency) waves with wavelengths from 808nm - 810nm. This technology has the ability to destroy and block nutrition from hair follicles to hairs, causing them to gradually weaken and fall out naturally.

4. OPT – SHR . Technology

Is a completely hair removal technology based on a preset wavelength of 650-950nm that works to destroy the nutrition source to each hair, making the hair weaker, softer and slowly falling out naturally.

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