The consultation process - tattooing
Understand the entire consultation process - tattoo spraying.

Understanding the Consulting Process – Executing Tattoo Spraying

Keeping in mind the Consultative Process – Performing Tattooing for Customers

This post is long. Is a word to share with the students of Cosmetic Tattooing to open their own salon|

Many KTVs/Aesthetic Tattooists choose to open their own salons after a period of working for large cosmetic centers to gain experience as well as accumulate capital. Seeing students being able to confidently create their own business is a great joy to those who train them.

The first step is still very difficult, Miss Tram VietNam Also trusted by you to ask for advice on the first days. In it, there is the problem that Miss Tram Academy I find it too typical, so I will share it here for all to refer.

The consultation process - tattooing
Understand the entire consultation process - tattoo spraying.

Problem: The KTVs are quite/excellent, when working in the centers that are loved by many customers, they make regular appointments. But why do they get so little enthusiastic support from their customers when they go to work on their own? Or, your Center cannot scale.

=> Answer: The truth is that there are many reasons for this result, to be effective, it is necessary to perform surgery on a case-by-case basis. However, when talking with many friends Miss Tram VietNam Realize that the Center you work for does not have one thing in common PROCEDURE, and many of you still ignore this part for reasons of trouble.

But you need to understand:

  • Without a working process, it is difficult to verify/reassess the quality of the service you provide to your customers.
  • Thanks to the process, errors in the stages are found and corrected early.
  • Or, doing it alone is not too dangerous, but if the Center expands and hires more KTVs without a working process, it will be difficult for the management and control of product quality.

=> Workflow: simple or detailed depending on the size of your unit. Small spa start-ups can refer to the following simple consultation and implementation process:

Consulting process:

  • First, the KTV needs to find out about the customer's health situation, does the customer have any medical conditions that make it difficult to get a tattoo? If the customer is qualified for health, the KTV will start consulting the eyebrow shape and lip color to suit the customer according to many factors from skin color, interests, personality, ... Find out the pros and cons of each color. ink, designs to make.

Implementation process:

After the customer is satisfied with the shaping, KTV starts to implement:

  • First, KTV leads the customer to the bed, adjusts the chair to bring the most comfortable feeling to the customer during the use of tattoo spray service.
  • Next, the KTV performed anesthesia for the client, and at the same time prepared the necessary tattoo spray tools such as plugging in the machine, inserting the needle, cotton wool, ... and adjusting the light.
  • Conduct ink color mixing, after 15-20 minutes of anesthetic incubation, start to spray tattoo for customers.

Finally, after the tattooing process, the KTV checks whether the shape and color of the tattoo is even and satisfied with the customer. In addition, instruct customers after spraying to avoid peeling, avoid water for 3 days and apply vaseline after 12 hours.

*** In addition, KTV needs to save information about the customer's tattooing time and support when the customer needs it!

Last post Miss Tram VietNam We have compiled the steps of consulting and performing tattooing for customers, KTV remember to save it right away to bring the best results!

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