8 Mistakes You Need To Eliminate To Prevent Acne From "Raging" On Your Skin 1

8 Mistakes You Need to Eliminate So that Acne Doesn't "Rage" On Your Skin

Acne "Raging" on the skin is a condition that many people suffer from. Because in the process of taking care of and treating customers, acne skin at the spa. As an expert – you need to know the mistakes that customers often make in skin care to advise and have effective solutions. And now, let's list those mistakes in the following article.

Mistakes Needed to Be Eliminated So that Acne Doesn't "Rage" On Skin

1. Wash your face too many times a day

Clean facial skin properly is one of the prevention methods acne. But overusing washing your face many times a day can damage your skin, dry your skin and produce more natural oils, clogging pores, causing acne.

8 Mistakes You Need to Eliminate So that Acne Doesn't "Rage" On Your Skin

Wash your face too many times a day

2. No foaming for the cleanser

Not foaming for face wash is also a mistake that women often make. To optimize the effectiveness of the cleanser, you need to foam the cleanser on your hands first and then apply it on your face. At this time, the active ingredients will be in contact with the skin to help remove dirt, sebum, ... to clean the skin without causing irritation.

Moreover, the foaming of the cleanser will limit the skin irritation or not break the inflammatory acne spots.

3. Let your face dry naturally

Another mistake that women often make is letting the skin dry on its own after washing your face. The evaporation of water will pull away the natural moisture of the skin, thereby making the facial skin dry, uncomfortable and stimulating the oil glands to produce more. If the oil on the face is too much, it will cause blockage pores, which leads to acne formation.

causes of acne

Do not let your skin dry naturally

Therefore, advice for ladiesg is that you should use a cotton towel or makeup remover to dry the skin after washing your face, limiting the water evaporation to dry the skin.

4. Use your hands to touch and squeeze acne

If you have a habit of squeezing acne and touching your face with dirty hands without cleaning, then immediately get rid of this bad habit. Because daily hands are exposed to a lot of dirt and bacteria, it is easy to make the skin inflamed, leaving scars and dark spots, etc.

If you can't adjust this bad habit, even if you have Skincare With good, expensive cosmetic lines, your skin can't be improved.

5. Constantly changing acne cream

Skin care needs patience, especially for acne-prone skin, you should be more patient with your cosmetic products for at least 1-2 months to see noticeable results.

Mistakes when treating acne

Regularly change cosmetics

The rush to change acne cream continuously only makes your skin more irritated and counterproductive when the skin has to be exposed to too many different cosmetics. This will only cost you money and not get the results you want.

6. Don't remove makeup before going to bed

It is not only when makeup is necessary to remove makeup, because the use of makeup remover is also to clean daily sebum and dirt. Therefore, whether you wear makeup that day or not, you should still remove makeup to clean your skin before going to bed.

And of course, after removing makeup, you need to wash your face with cleanser and other Skincare steps depending on your skin type.

7. Don't wear sunscreen

For acne-prone skin, you need to limit sun exposure as little as possible. If your job requires frequent sun exposure. Use sunscreen for sensitive skin, have an SPF of 25-40.

Anti-acne sunscreen

Do not use sunscreen

8. Using acne-fighting cosmetics without expert guidance

The use of drugs, acne products according to oral instructions without a dermatologist's examination is very harmful to the skin. Because depending on the health of each skin, the use of acne products will be different. Therefore, it is necessary to use drugs and acne products according to the schedule of doctors and experts to ensure safety and effectiveness.

safe acne treatment cosmetics

Arbitrarily using acne cosmetics

Above Miss Tram VietNam shared these Habits that need to be eliminated to help the acne treatment process effectively than. Come to Miss Tran Academy, you will be trained and guided in all the knowledge of acne treatment, skin care, beauty,… If you have a passion for beauty and want to find yourself a genuine profession, Please contact Miss Tran Academy!

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