Mistakes When Using Sunscreen Can Cause Acne For Women 1

Mistakes When Using Sunscreen Can Cause Acne For Women

In the sunshine there are UV rays tanning, causing premature aging of the skin. So women need to use sunscreen as a facial support tool avoid direct exposure to these UV rays.

However, in some women, they will often have acne on their face every time they use sunscreen. In this article, let's Miss Tram Academy Find out the causes and ways to overcome facial acne when using sunscreen!

1. Where is acne formed?

According to research, the appearance of acne is caused by many factors, but they are classified into two main factors:

Mistakes when using sunscreen
Acne skin because of using the wrong sunscreen

Due to hormones.

Hormonal imbalance causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to be overactive and produce more sebum. Or the daily sebum, although little, is not removed cleanly, but is accumulated for a long time under the hair follicle. While the mouth of the hair follicle is blocked by sunscreen, sebum accumulates in the pores to form acne.

Caused by bacteria that live in hair follicles.

When acne and sebum are too much to clog pores, along with sunscreen, a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes will be produced, leading to skin inflammation that forms pustules and cysts.

2. Signs of facial acne caused by sunscreen

Regardless of other external factors or hormonal disorders, when you have the following symptoms, you may have acne caused by sunscreen:

  • In some cases, there will be signs of itching, redness, small blisters but no core after using sunscreen for a while.
  • Initially, acne may appear in some places such as small red rash around the forehead, then spread to the cheeks and surrounding areas. However, in some severe cases, acne will appear massively all over the face.
How to use sunscreen properly?
Skin allergic to sunscreen

3. The reason why using sunscreen causes acne

If you use sunscreen and have acne symptoms, think about whether you are one of the following reasons!

Using the wrong way

  • Do not apply a thin layer of moisturizer first: Some sunscreens will be alcohol and oil based. When you apply sunscreen on your skin, if you do not have a layer of moisturizer, it will clog pores. Applying moisturizer first will create a protective barrier on the skin, preventing the active ingredients of the sunscreen from penetrating deep into the pores, making the skin secret, pouring more oil and acne.
  • Do not clean the skin before and after applying sunscreen: Cleaning the skin before and after applying sunscreen will help remove the sebum as well as the sunscreen left in the pores causing blockage and formation. acne.
  • Ỷ completely back into sunscreen: Sunscreen has the ability to protect skin under the sun, but it is not absolute. The lack of extra shielding when going in the sun or lack of water also makes your skin "bloom".

Skin is not suitable for sunscreen

  • Use sunscreen to moisturize your skin: Some sunscreens contain plant oils or fatty acids. These products in addition to sunscreen also provide appropriate moisture for dry skin and places with dry living environments. For oily skin, it will be overloaded with moisture and cause acne.
  • Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF: Most experts recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. But the higher the SPF, the greater the amount of oil and alcohol in the sunscreen, leading to more acne formation.
  • Sunscreens containing Lanolin or Mineral oils, silicones can also cause acne: Some women think that using sunscreen without oil ingredients will not cause acne. However, active ingredients Lanolin or Mineral oils, silicones can also cause acne.

4. Use sunscreen properly to avoid acne

Tips for using sunscreen for women
Use the right sunscreen

To get acne-free skin when using sunscreen, you need to follow the instructions of each different sunscreen product line. However, in general, you need to pay attention to a few points when using sunscreen:

  • Cleanse skin before and after applying sunscreen.
  • Apply a thin layer of moisturizer and wait 20-30 minutes before applying sunscreen.
  • It is recommended to use an appropriate amount of sunscreen for each use
  • When applying sunscreen, please dot the cream in many spots on the face, use your hands to pat evenly and gently combine to spread evenly all over the face
  • It depends on your skin type to choose an oil- or oil-free sunscreen ingredient, but you should still pay attention to other ingredients because they can also cause breakouts for your skin.
  • Choose a sunscreen with an SPF that is suitable for your skin, living environment, climate, work, etc., not just a high SPF is good.
  • You need to cover up and add water to the body even though you have used sunscreen to avoid acne.
  • Even at home, you also need to use sunscreen because UV rays can also creep in the sun through windows, skylights ...

With the above sharing Miss Tram Academy Hopefully, it will help you understand more about why your skin gets acne when using sunscreen. Once you've found the cause of your acne, you'll probably know how to fix it, right?

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