Uses Of Silicone In Cosmetics
Uses Of Silicone In Cosmetics

Uses Of Silicone In Cosmetics

is a group of artificial macromolecular compounds commonly found in cosmetic lines. In addition to the rumors of harmful effects on the skin that have not been proven true, the compound Silicones in cosmetics have a lot of skin benefits: Shiny, oil-control, increase moisture, which is verified and included by many cosmetic companies.

If you are a skin care technician, you need to be equipped with enough knowledge and the most accurate assessment of Silicone, to advise and create trust for customers when using the service. Below, let's Miss Tram Academy Learn more about Uses of silicone in cosmetics ok

Uses of silicone in cosmetics
Uses of silicone in cosmetics

Applications Of Silicone In Cosmetics

Humidity control

Silicone can prevent surface water from draining. Although not yet the main function of Silicone, this moisture-locking feature is also applied by many cosmetic companies and added to products.

Create a glossy, smooth foundation

Silicone ingredients in cosmetics contain a large molecular structure, capable of filling the "rough hole"on the skin as a result of acne, pores and crow's feet. In addition, Silicone also forms thin films to help contrast light well, spread skin color evenly, without clumping and create a perfect base.

The benefits of silicone in cosmetics
Silicone creates a glossy, smooth foundation

Protect your skin

Who are the followers of sunscreen You must have known once about the composition of Silicone. Silicone acts as a film covering the physical sunscreen molecules Ti2O and ZnO, protecting these two less stable components under the effects of UV rays, increasing the molecular size to reduce the risk of entering the body and wool. deep into the blood vessels.

In addition, the silicon in sunscreen also protects the skin from bad effects from the environment. Silicone's moisture-locking properties also increase the durability of sunscreen on the skin.

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Good coverage

Silicone is a "salvage" for wrinkled skin, not bright and smooth, with the ability to diffuse light and create a wrinkle-fading effect. Silicone integrates the functions of foundation, powder and concealer, thanks to a group of compounds containing transparent molecules. This is the advantage that makes cosmetic manufacturers unable to ignore the silicone ingredient in their products.

Uses of silicone in cosmetics
Silicone creates a wrinkle-reducing effect

Oil control

Another popular feature of Silicone is the ability to absorb oil. It is not natural that skin care products can control the oil glands secreted on the skin, but because of the oil absorption of Silicone in the ingredients. However, this feature also makes product users and manufacturers "fatigued" by reducing the feeling of greasy, shiny skin on the skin.

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Is Silicone Harmful To Skin?

There are many views that silicon causes acne on the skin or makes acne skin worse. However, there have been studies "vindicating" Silicone by the following evidence:

  • Silicone molecules are quite large in size, so Silicone is not able to clog pores and cannot go deep through pores to cause bad effects on the skin.
  • Silicone cannot cause acne by any agent and in any way when contained in cosmetics.
  • Silicone is a fairly volatile compound. Therefore, after a period of time applied to the skin, only a thin layer remains just enough to act as an outer shell to protect the moisture film and prevent bad agents for the skin.

Note when using products containing silicone

Note when using products containing silicone
Note when using products containing silicone

Silicone is not a cause of acne. But with any product, using too long and too much in a while without thoroughly cleaning the skin, can make the skin acne and cause skin diseases.

Although it does not play a direct role in the beauty of the skin, it has been and is an effective support ingredient in cosmetic and skin care products.

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Most of the bad rumors about Silicone are personal opinions and there is no real proof. But Silicone has performed well in its products and is trusted and verified by the manufacturer to be included in the ingredients. Technicians can confidently use products and services containing silicone as standard in their care and treatment procedures.

Here is a research article about The effect of silicone in cosmetics, hope Miss Tram Academy gave technicians a better overview of products containing Silicone.

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