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Similarities & Differences Between Male and Female Eyebrow Sculpture

The same method of Sculpting yarn, but whether male and female customers have the same process and requirements, are they exactly the same?

Answer: HAVE, but also NO YES!

+ NO: with many Masters or KTV who have a lot of experience doing it, it doesn't matter whether the subject is male or female.

+ HAVE: Over time following the process of beginner students, Miss Tram Academy found that: there are groups of students or new KTV who are confused when sculpting eyebrows for men.

Sculpting male eyebrows, Sculpting female eyebrows
Male & Female Eyebrow Sculpture: Similarities and Differences

Learn the Similarities & Differences Between Male and Female Eyebrow Sculpture

- Same: using the technique of Sculpting the Eyebrow Thread.

- Different: the difference will be based on the requirements for male or female standards, which leads to the KTV needing to skillfully handle it to suit the audience. As follows:

+ Male eyebrows:

  • In this shape of men, most of the real eyebrows have a big board, when shaping the eyebrows, KTV will base on the real eyebrow frame to be strong and masculine.
  • However, it should be noted to handle the head carefully: not too big / rough nor too thin, easy to create an unnatural feeling of aggression / weakness.
  • The strokes of the eyebrows need to be firm, sparse but sharp.
  • The color is usually chosen dark brown to match the color of hair and skin.

+ Female eyebrows:

  • Small eyebrows, sharp eyebrows.
  • The eyebrow thread needs to be thin, with a curvature that hugs the eyebrow frame to create softness.
  • The colors of women's eyebrows are quite diverse: western brown, black brown, smoky brown, copper brown, ...

Just now are the basic differences between male and female eyebrow sculpting, hope to help KTV in the process of studying and working!

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