Before And After Sculpting Eyebrows with Yarn for a Perfect Eyebrow

Real Picture Compare The Difference Before And After Sculpting Natural Fibers.

Before: Not everyone is born with dark eyebrows, a clear shape like "paint". So it is completely reasonable to apply new technologies to create a new pair of eyebrows and overcome weaknesses on the face. As in the case of this lady, The eyebrows are sparse, so the color is pale. The shape of the eyebrows is also not clearly defined.

Or: With such eyebrows, just a little editing with Sculpting technology is able to own new and more beautiful eyebrows. This technology will give the The yarn is sharp and bold because it's completely hand-operated. In addition, the shape of the eyebrows will also be drawn and adjusted by the Expert according to your preferences and suitable for the face. 

Here is a picture of her new eyebrows, everyone! 


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