Using Alcohol in Cosmetics Is Harmful to Skin 1

Using Alcohol In Cosmetics Is Harmful To The Skin

Currently, in the newspapers, there are many recommendations that should not be used cosmetics containing alcohol (Alcohol). This makes many spa owners and technicians afraid that if they are accidentally used, they will harm the customer's skin.

Is that true or not? Are all alcohols in cosmetics bad? To answer the above question, let's go with Miss Tram Academy to find out more in the article below.

Alcohols in Cosmetics

In cosmetics, there are usually 2 types of alcohol: Drying Alcohol , and Fatty Alcohol. These two types of alcohol have completely different properties, so it is extremely important to distinguish clearly to avoid confusion.

Dry alcohol

Dry Alcohol or Drying Alcohol Solvents are solvents capable of dissolving substances and preventing crystallization of ingredients. Thanks to that, it helps nutrients penetrate into the skin faster, bringing good results.

The effect of alcohol in cosmetics
Alcohols in cosmetics

Dry alcohol is often present in rose water products, sunscreen products, and appears under names such as Ethanol, Methanol, Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol and SD Alcohols….

In addition to the ability to help substances penetrate the skin quickly, this ingredient also works:

  • Tighten pores.
  • Limit the amount of oil secreted to help the skin feel dry and the surface of the skin less oily.
  • Dry alcohol has a very effective antibacterial and disinfecting effect.
  • Dry alcohol helps preserve and increase the life of products.

Fat alcohol

Fatty Alcohol Used in cosmetics as an emollient and thickener for cosmetics. It has a great moisturizing, soothing effect on the skin, and most of all, it does not cause irritation to the skin.

Some popular fatty alcohols today such as: Cetyl alcohol, Lauryl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, ..

Is All Alcohol In Cosmetics Bad For Skin?

As the above information, dry alcohol and fatty alcohol both have good beauty and skin care effects. However, for dry alcohol, when used at an inappropriate concentration, it will cause damage to the skin.

Is alcohol in cosmetics harmful to the skin?
Is alcohol in cosmetics good for the skin?

At a high concentration, drying alcohol will strip the skin of its natural oils, affect the moisturizing film, dry out the skin and cause premature aging. Furthermore, for those who have sensitive skin can irritate and reduce the ability of acne skin to protect itself.

However, when used at low concentrations, dry alcohol will be extremely good for those with oily, combination skin. In short, different concentrations of drying alcohol have different effects on the skin. Should choose the appropriate alcohol concentration in cosmetics to bring beauty effect.

As for fatty alcohol, in addition to the beauty benefits mentioned above, if used in high concentrations, it can easily cause clogged pores and acne. So those with dry, oily skin should consider before using products containing fatty alcohol.

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How to Choose the Right Alcoholic Cosmetics

The alcohol concentration in cosmetics is suitable for the skin
Choose cosmetics with the right alcohol concentration for your skin
  • When choosing cosmetics containing alcohol, pay attention to the concentration to see if it is suitable for your skin.
  • If you find dry alcohol in the first 5 ingredients, this product has a high alcohol content. For people who have dry, sensitive, or allergic skin, they should not choose.
  • When looking at the ingredient list, if you find that alcohol is ranked in fifth place, but besides that there are many other moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, you can safely use it. Because they will neutralize each other, do not cause irritation to the skin.
  • If alcohol is listed near the bottom of the ingredient list, they have a low concentration and are safe to use.
  • For those with sensitive skin, or a history of allergy to alcohol, they should choose alcohol-free cosmetics - with the words "alcohol - free" printed on the package.

As the information has shared, we can see that alcohol-containing products are not always harmful to the skin. They also depend on the type of alcohol and the concentration used to consider beneficial or harmful.

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Hopefully the article has helped readers answer their questions and have a more objective view of the alcohol composition (dry alcohol and fatty alcohol) in cosmetics. Thanks for reading.

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