Fixing Damaged Eyebrows With 9D

Picture Of Repairing Damaged Eyebrows For A Elegant Girl With 9D . Flickering Method

Miss Thanh Nha used to embroider eyebrows before, but after a while, you were red. She used to feel sad and worried the more she did, the worse it got.

With the encouragement and enthusiastic advice of experts at Miss Tram, she decided to refurbish her eyebrows with 9D yarn sculpting method.

With her eyebrows once embroidered and red, #TeamMissTram will process the old ink color first, then use 9D sculpting technology to create beautiful, natural eyebrows for her. Miss Tram also ensures the use of good quality ink, no color fading and free miles from 6 months to 1 year.

Now Miss Thanh Nha can be more confident with her new eyebrows. Wishing you good health and always beautiful love life!


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