Factors Affecting Color Fastness of Organic Tattoo Ink 2

Factors Affecting Color Fastness of Organic Tattoo Inks

|Question – Answer|| Factors Affecting Color Fastness of Organic Tattoo Inks

Factors Affecting Color Fastness of Organic Tattoo Ink 3

Organic tattoo ink belongs to the group of Organic tattoo ink, also known as Queen Ink. This ink has 100% natural ingredients, completely harmless, smooth color, high durability without oxidizing red-green after flying.

This line of ink is currently being used by Miss Tram and colleagues PRIORITIZE used to ensure safety, as well as bring beautiful aesthetic results as expected for its customers.

However, as you all know, tattoo ink can stay on the skin permanently, but the color will change slightly (darker - lighter) over time. So when advising customers, it is necessary to talk more about the agent that can affect the color fastness of this Organic Tattoo Ink:

- Each person's body is different, so it will affect the color fastness of the ink. The color fastness of Organic ink in the body can last from 3 to 5 years.

– At different ages, the skin also has different characteristics and each skin area will also have uneven ink coloration. Therefore, after beautifying, it is necessary to listen and observe the phenomena that customers encounter to provide timely support.

– Sunlight: When exposed to sunlight, the ink color will quickly change.

– Skin care products can exfoliate the layers of the skin leading to color changes: peel off masks, exfoliate too often, rub vigorously… or some medications like Accutane can all have an adverse effect. to color.

Needle technique and tattoo spraying equipment are also one of the factors that affect the beauty results.

Everyone remember to save this information so that when consulting, always remind your customers!

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