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Hot October: Spa Tuition Fees Up to 10% Off

October Offer: Spa Apprenticeship – Up to 10% off Tuition

October Offer: Spa Apprenticeship – Up to 10% off Tuition Fee 45% off Cosmetology Spray Course: 3% off Tuition - Skin Care Course: https://bit. glass/45stFU3l Special: Comes with a course of Making Roses and Nipples upon admission. Over 3 years…

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Professional Makeup Artist Course

Professional Makeup Artist Course 7

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP TRAINING AT MISS TRAM COSMETICS – NOTICE: This month the center is full – no longer accepting new students for this course – The professional makeup profession has never lost its “Hot” level of me, because it…

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Preparation of Green Tea Detox Mask

Preparation of Green Tea Detoxification Mask 13

How to Make a Detox Mask from Green Tea Green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and many useful minerals, which are very beneficial for the health and beauty of the skin. Not only can it be combined with many natural ingredients…

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Apprentice the Spa Should Be Good

Should Spa Apprenticeship or Not 24

Being in the top of attractive, high-income professions today, Spa technology - beauty care has attracted a large number of young people to study. However, to go with the profession as well as really succeed with the path ...

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