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Hot October: Spa Tuition Fees Up to 10% Off

October Offer: Spa Apprenticeship – Up to 10% off Tuition

October Offer: Spa Apprenticeship – Up to 10% off Tuition Fee 45% off Cosmetology Spray Course: 3% off Tuition - Skin Care Course: https://bit. glass/45stFU3l Special: Comes with a course of Making Roses and Nipples upon admission. Over 3 years…

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Professional Makeup Artist Course

Professional Makeup Artist Course 3

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP TRAINING AT MISS TRAM COSMETICS – NOTICE: This month the center is full – no longer accepting new students for this course – The professional makeup profession has never lost its “Hot” level of me, because it…

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Introducing Miss Tram Academy

Introducing Miss Tram Academy 5

MISS TRAM ACADEMY ACADEMY TRAINING PRESTIGE BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS IN HCMC Today, the cosmetic industry is thriving with the introduction of many modern beauty techniques and methods. Beauty cosmetology is a common name for many…

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