Why Is Korean Eyelid Spray So Popular?

Why Is Korean Eyelid Spray So Popular?

|Q&A| Why Is Korean Eyelid Spray So Popular?

Korean eyelid spray

Let the eyes become glitter, attractive It is very important to take care of it. You can edit your eyebrows to create accents, extend long curved eyelashes to attract the eye. And more than that, there is an equally important way that is combined with Eyelid Spray to create the effect of bigger and more beautiful eyes. 

And in current eyelid spraying technologies, Korean eyelid spray is still in the TOP favored by women because of the following advantages:

Effectively correct the defects of the eyes

Depending on the eye shape, the KTV will have a way to put the needle to create a suitable highlight, so that it is possible to overcome the disadvantages of the eyes, making the eyes bigger, rounder, deeper and more beautiful.

High level of safety

The micro needle tip only gently affects the epidermis of the skin, completely does not affect the eyes and does not hurt the skin, so you can be completely assured.

Long lasting results

Spraying eyelids for an effect that lasts from 3 to 5 years without fading, ensures that the eyelid contour is always sharp.

No pain, no hurt

During the procedure and afterwards, the eyelids are completely painless and swollen, and you do not need to spend much time down.

If you are finding that your "window to the soul" is not really attractive or simply want to change and renew yourself, then you can consider this beauty method. And for advice to have a suitable and perfect eyelid spray line, just let Miss Tram's Specialist help you do it!

Korean eyelid spray

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