Why Do You See Your Eyebrows Turn White After Removing Your Eyebrows?

|Q&A| Why Do You See Your Eyebrows Turn White After Removing Eyebrows

After the first laser eyebrow removal, you see your eyebrows turn white? So many of you "panic" inbox Miss Tram right away because you think you can delete damaged, burned skin, hurt ...

Miss Tram understands those worries, so today I will explain to you guys better about this phenomenon!

After the first laser eyebrow removal, the tattoo ink in the eyebrow area affected by the Laser light will oxidize and turn the eyebrows into white, then turn brown after the second treatment.

In addition, some phenomena may appear after laser eyebrow removal as follows:

- After removing eyebrows, there is an itchy phenomenon: Most of this is a good sign because your skin layer is gradually increasing to young skin. In the following days, the old skin peels off, creating a new skin. The tattoo ink will be pushed out and you can see the eyebrows are completely pale. Absolutely do not scratch or impact on the affected eyebrow area.

– After performing eyebrow removal, the ink stain is darker: In this case, you do not need to worry, the tattoo ink is being pushed out of the skin surface and will fade later.

– Remove eyebrows after 3-5 days, the skin will be blistered (bulging): This phenomenon occurs due to careful erasing to quickly run out of ink color. You should not puncture or break the blister with a needle, but let it deflate on its own.

Eyebrow removal with Yag Laser technology will bring you safety and high efficiency. Along with choosing a reputable cosmetic facility, with a brand like Miss Tram, there will not be any harmful cases to your skin.

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- Spray eyebrows with American ink powder with 100% herbal extracts to create sharpness for eyebrows.
- Ombre eyebrow spray creates a natural, soft eyebrow shape.
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- Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers combined with Spray Ombre / Shading to create eyebrows that are both natural and sharp.
– 9D technical male eyebrow sculpture.
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