How to increase the penetration of cosmetics on the skin?

How To Enhance The Permeability And Effectiveness Of Cosmetics On The Skin

How to strengthen Osmosis as well as the effect of cosmetics on skin When it comes to beauty is something that many spa owners and spa technicians need to understand well. Because the skin has a self-protection mechanism that helps to eliminate all foreign factors from entering. If you do not use methods to push the essence deep into the skin, they will not bring the expected effect to the customer.

With today's post, Miss Tram Academy Please share with your friends A method to enhance the penetration and effectiveness of cosmetics on the skin.

How to enhance the penetration effect of cosmetics on the skin?
How to enhance the penetration effect of cosmetics on the skin?

Chemical Methods

1. Coating technology

Currently, the popular wrapping technologies chosen by many spas are: liposomes, nanosomes, niosomes. Or is there? glycosphere technology, however this type is less common because it is high-tech wrap technology.

With this technology, we will wrap the active structure into a non-active structure to help bring the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin than conventional methods.

Skin texture
Skin texture

Each wrapper structure will have different components, but the way it works is similar. But they can all help bring active ingredients deep into the skin effectively.

For example: For liposome technology with the outer shell is a polar solvent, the inner core is a water base, we use vitamin C to beautify the skin, the mechanism will be: Vitamin C is wrapped in liposomes, crossing the lipid barrier and easy to get deep inside.

At this time, they will destroy the coating and release the nucleus for the active ingredient to penetrate deeply and promote its use.

2. Add small molecules of active ingredients

According to this chemical method, the active ingredients will be reduced to a multi-molecule size that makes it easier to penetrate the skin. Due to the development of technology, this method is now widely used and has good results.

3. Use a penetration enhancer

In addition to the use of modern technologies, the use of Penetration enhancer The method is also appreciated by many people. When applying this way, the active ingredients in cosmetics will also easily penetrate into the skin thanks to lipid coating.

Use enhancers, support penetration
Use enhancers, support penetration

The most commonly used penetration enhancers today are alcohol and surfactant. In addition to helping to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients, this method also has the disadvantage of causing dryness and irritation for sensitive skin.

4. Adjust the right pH

PH plays an important role in the effectiveness of cosmetics on the skin. The lower the pH and closer to the pH of the acid, the more free acids are produced, which helps them work more vigorously on the skin.

This method is only suitable for acid groups soluble in polar solvents. As for non-polar solvents, pH will not be a factor that affects the acids too much.

Physical Methods

1. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a way to help Enhance the penetration of cosmetics mỹ equal invasive mechanism lightly. Active ingredients will be injected directly into the superficial epidermis or deep in the dermis to help stimulate kích produce collagen and activate many biochemical reactions to make the skin beautiful.

Some active ingredients are used in current mesotherapy such as: vitamins of groups A, B, C, amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acid or growth factors.

Normally, peptides and growth factors will be difficult to penetrate when applied only on the outer surface of the skin due to the large molecular size. However, when applying Mesotherapy, they will be injected deep into the skin to help promote beauty benefits.

Using Mesotherapy
Using Mesotherapy

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2. Electrophoresis

This method uses the principle of attraction - repulsion of ions through the activation of an electric current to help bring active ingredients deep into the skin.

Under normal conditions the skin will act as the cathode, and the device will act as the anode, protons will be transported from the anode of the device to the cathode, the skin.

Using electrophoresis
Using electrophoresis

This method helps to enhance the penetration of active ingredients into the skin very effectively, especially oil-loving active ingredients.

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Above are the Methods to enhance the penetration of cosmetics on the skinMiss Tram Academy just shared.

Hopefully, the above information will be a useful reference for spas and technicians, helping to bring the best beauty effects to their customers.

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