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Can Hard Hands Do Facial Massage For Customers?

|Q&A| A bit stiff hands can do facial massage for customers or not?

Can Hard Hands Do Facial Massage For Customers 3

Referring to the spa profession, the first thing to mention is skillful, flexible hands, performing movements in a soft and skillful way. But not everyone is lucky enough to have such skillful hands. This topic comes from a friend's confession with the content:

“Hello Miss Tram, I really like to learn the Spa profession, but my hands are stiff and not flexible, can I massage my face for customers? I heard that this profession has to have a natural talent to be successful?"

Thank you for your sharing! Not only you, but Miss Tram also received a lot of questions and doubts about this topic such as: "Can such hard hands learn Spa?", "Is the chance of success in the profession high?" "Learning costs money, but it doesn't work for anyone"...

By the way, Miss Tram will answer all questions for those who are learning or new students who want to know more about this profession!

First of all, let's find out the reason why the hand is stiff:

  • Hand stiffness can be due to disease, genetic factors.
  • Another reason leading to stiff hands is anxiety and stress at work.

If the hand is stiff due to illness, it is necessary to visit a doctor for a specific examination, give a treatment plan and listen to advice from a specialist. If your hand is stiff due to stress, you can rest assured, because we can practice to improve this situation through regular practice exercises.

So if you are not lucky enough to own a pair of skillful and agile hands, do not be discouraged and think that you will not be able to work in this spa profession. As long as you have enough passion for the profession, you will be successful with your choice.

As the proverb that you often hear, "If you have merit to sharpen iron, one day you will become a needle", as long as you practice diligently, try to practice non-stop, owning soft and skillful hands is a things at hand.

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