The Process of Performing Eyebrow Removal with Technology at Spa 1

The process of performing Eyebrow Removal with Technology at Spa

Eyebrow removal Although not a popular need, but for many female customers, this is the most optimal solution to have a neat, sharp eyebrow without spending time editing.

Therefore, as a technician, you need to understand the needs, technology as well as the process of properly performing eyebrow waxing at the Spa.

This paragraph, Miss Tram Academy will introduce the steps Eyebrow removal with OPT – SHR . Technology, one of the most optimal eyebrow removal technology today.

Procedure for Safe Eyebrow Removal Using High Technology at Spa

1. Who needs eyebrow waxing?

There are two needs eyebrow waxing That is partial eyebrow waxing and full eyebrow waxing.

Eyebrow removal process using technology at a reputable Spa
Eyebrow removal process using technology at a reputable Spa

In case the customer only wants to remove part of the eyebrows due to:

  • The customer's eyebrows are thick and long enough, just need to be reshaped to look beautiful.
  • Customers spend a lot of time trimming their eyebrows neatly and in order, so they want to remove their hair so they don't have to fix their eyebrows every day.

In case the customer wants to remove the entire eyebrow:

  • Customers' eyebrows are often sparse, uneven and want to remove all hair to spray a new eyebrow shape.

Depending on the condition of the eyebrows, customers will have different eyebrow removal needs. And to advise and support customers to choose the right hair removal method, the technician not only needs to have standard eyebrow shaping techniques but also needs to understand the psychology and needs of the customer.

2. Why should you remove eyebrows with OPT Technology – SHR

There are many hair removal technologies on the market today. And OPT – SHR . technology It is considered one of the most effective and advanced eyebrow removal methods today.

OPT – SHR is technology used biological light pass through a 650-950 nm filter. With a fast, continuous and stable frequency of 1 - 8hz, this technology will thoroughly destroy the nutrition source to each hair, causing them to weaken and fall off naturally.

What should you pay attention to when removing eyebrows?
How to safely take care of your eyebrows after eyebrow waxing


  • Non-invasive, painless, safe for the eye area.
  • Fast implementation time, only need 10-15 minutes each time and 4-8 times.
  • Eliminates hair follicles at the root and brightens the skin, helping to create the most perfect eyebrows (if waxxing Partly, the eyebrows will have a very natural shape, but if tattooed, the result of tattooing will be smoother and more color-standard).


  • As modern technology, it requires highly skilled technicians, otherwise there is still the possibility of causing skin blistering for customers.
  • Eyebrows still grow back after 5-10 (depending on the location) but the eyebrow hair will be weaker, thinner and lighter than the original.

3. Eyebrow removal process with OPT – SHR . Technology

Step 1: Examination and consultation

  • The technician will check the condition of the eyebrow area and advise the appropriate hair removal method.
  • The technician explains in detail about the technology and treatment process.

Is eyebrow waxing safe?

Visiting and consulting for customers

Step 2: Shaping the eyebrows (with the need for partial eyebrow removal)

With the need for partial eyebrow removal, technicians need to draw and shape standard eyebrows for customers.

Step 3: Clean the treatment area

Clean and disinfect the area to be removed to ensure the best results.

Where is it safe to wax eyebrows?

Clean the eyebrow area to be removed

Step 4: Apply cold gel

The technician will apply a layer of transparent cold gel on the eyebrow area that needs hair removal to soothe the skin and minimize the burning sensation caused by the heat impact of the technology.

Step 5: Perform hair removal

  • The technician adjusts the wavelength and energy to match the condition of the hair follicle.
  • Perform OPT - SHR light shine on the hair to be removed.

Step 6: Cleanse the skin

Gently clean the gel of the skin that has just been removed and apply a layer of skin regeneration cream to the customer.

Spa standard eyebrow removal steps

Clean skin after eyebrow waxing

Besides modern technology, the knowledge and skills of experts are very important. As a professional technician, you need to understand customer psychology, be tech-savvy, and be proficient in techniques and implementation processes.

Regularly update information to improve your knowledge and skills!

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