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The Process of Waxing Edges With Technology At Spa

Lip Hair Removal using technology is a fairly common need of both women and men. Because compared to removing lip hair at home, this method is considered safe - effective - aesthetic more.

As a technician, you need to regularly learn - update modern lip hair removal technologies and techniques to be able to advise and provide the best service to customers.

And to help you better understand edge hair removal technique with technology, Miss Tram Academy Please share details about the implementation process lip hair removal with Diode Laser Technology and OPT Technology – SHR.

Why should hair removal with modern technology?

Currently, there are many methods of hair removal and each has its own outstanding advantages. However, with facial hair such as mustache, eyebrows, beard, etc., the hair removal method with modern technology is considered the most optimal choice.

Effective lip hair removal treatment

Remove mustache with modern technology at spa

Specifically, Miss Tram Academy will analyze the reasons why you should choose hair removal with technology Laser Diode Technology or OPT – SHR . Technology.

1. High root hair removal ability, long effective time

If hair removal by manual methods such as shaving, waxing or applying creams, only a few days - 1 week later, the hair will start to show signs of regrowth. And the later hairs will be darker, harder and thicker than the original.

But with OPT - SHR Light Technology or Diode Laser Technology, the hairs will be deprived of nutrients, they will gradually weaken, then fall off naturally.

It only takes 4 - 10 hair removal sessions, the condition of lip hair will be completely removed from 70 to 98%. Although the hair can still grow back after 5-10 years (depending on the location), it will be much weaker, thinner and lighter in color.

edge hair removal technology at spa

Using advanced, safe technology

2. Takes less time to implement

On average, hair removal with Diode Laser Technology will take 10-30 minutes for one time and take about 5-10 times to perform. And hair removal with OPT - SHR Technology only takes 10-15 minutes for one time and cleans hair after only 4-8 times.

Compared with home hair removal methods - must be done every week, or many other technologies, OPT - SHR Light Technology and Diode Laser Technology are evaluated quite optimally.

3. No burning pain, non-invasive

Most modern hair removal technologies will not cause pain or skin invasion. In particular, with the hair removal process by OPT - SHR Light Technology and Diode Laser Technology, both have a cold gel incubation step to minimize the burning sensation caused by heat.

Safe lip hair removal process at the spa

The method is quick and painless

4. Effectively brightens and rejuvenates skin

Besides the effect of hair removal, the effects of OPT - SHR and Laser Diode technology both have the ability to stimulate the formation of collagen, effectively brightens and rejuvenates the skin.

The process of removing lip hair with technology at Spa

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The specialist will check the condition of the lip area and advise, explain in detail about the technology as well as plan the appropriate treatment.

Step 2: Clean the treatment area

The technician cleans and disinfects the edge to ensure the best results.

Step 3: Apply cold gel

The technician will apply a transparent layer of cold gel on the edge of the hair to be removed to soothe the skin and minimize the burning sensation caused by the heat from the light/laser.

Step 4: Perform hair removal

  • The technician adjusts the wavelength and energy to match the condition of the hair follicle.
  • Perform Diode Laser or OPT - SHR Light on the lip area to be removed.

Step 5: Cleanse the skin

The technician gently cleans the gel of the skin that has just been removed and applies a layer of skin-regenerating cream to the customer.

How to take care of the skin after hair removal?

Any treatment procedure will do sensitive skin than in the first few days. And edge hair removal with Diode Laser Technology/OPT - SHR Technology is no exception. The skin after hair removal will be quite sensitive so customers will be given skin care instructions as follows:

Safe edge hair removal technology

Effective skin care after removing mustache

  • Apply sunscreen to the skin and carefully cover when going out to minimize the impact of the sun – because the skin after waxing is very susceptible to sunburn.
  • Limit touching or use facial cleansers with strong detergents on the skin for at least 24 hours after hair removal, to avoid skin irritation.
  • Avoid hot temperatures such as saunas, washing your face with hot water, doing intense outdoor activities – avoid sweaty skin and enlarged pores.
  • It is recommended to use specialized moisturizing products, without other special treatment features to limit the possibility of irritation. It is best to use the ointment for the first few days to ensure that it is both moisturizing and safe for the skin.
  • Do not eat foods that are not good for the skin recovery process such as seafood, water spinach, chicken, sticky foods and stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco...
  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to increase vitamins and add more protein from lean meat and beans to support the skin regeneration process.

The above are the share of Miss Tram Academy about the steps lip hair removal with modern technology at Spa. Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you always success and beautiful!

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