Shaping Lips And Things To Note 2

Shaping Lips And Things To Note

|Discussion| Difficulty In Shaping Lips Many Practitioners Have

Shaping Lips And Things To Note 3

In the process of performing lip aesthetics for customers, there will be many cases where students encounter defects in the customer's lip contour, causing difficulties in the process of shaping the lip contour.

Determining which customer's lip shape is a decisive factor in implementing lip contouring techniques. The new fine lip contouring process helps the lips to achieve a high degree of perfection.

Some lip shapes that students may encounter in the process of practicing as well as how to overcome them are as follows:

  • Lip shape too thin: Use red pen to draw "cheat" to widen the lip line, creating a feeling of fuller and more sexy lips. Pay attention to reasonable alignment, avoid excessive greed that can make the lips lose their naturalness.
  • Lip shape too thick: In contrast to the thin lip shape, we will move the contour back a bit to make the lips slimmer. You also need to pay attention to reasonable alignment so that the lips are natural.
  • Uneven lips: In this case, draw a slightly wider lip line outside the corner of the thinner side. Observe to ensure harmony and balance on both sides of the lips.
  • Light lip contour or no lip line: In this case, you have to look at the overall face and lips to adjust the lip shape suitable for the customer.

Above are some difficulties in shaping the lip contour that students may encounter. You can refer to the previous articles that Miss Tram Academy shared to learn more about how to fix it specifically for each case!

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