How long does it take to treat Acne 1

How long does it take to treat acne?

In addition to the method, the way acne treatment How the treatment time is also one of the issues that customers are particularly interested in. If you master these knowledge, it will help you have more confidence in treating acne, thereby bringing success to you. And if you still don't understand How long does it take to treat acne?? Then please refer to this shared article of Miss Tram Academy to update you with more information.

how long does it take to treat acne?

The duration of acne treatment depends on many different factors, such as the severity of the acne, the treatment method, the skin care and the different local factors of each customer.

How long does it take to treat acne?

1. For mild acne

Types of acne with a core that is not as deep as acne bran, blackhead, whiteheads, sebaceous filaments or hormonal acne are all listed as mild acne. However, if these types of acne appear inflammatory as well as hormonal acne with continuous recurrence, it may be severe acne, which needs to be examined and treated promptly.

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These types of acne do not have a great impact on the skin as well as health, but only cause cosmetic loss to the face. The advice is to keep the skin clean, exfoliate regularly as well as take the old acne core every 7-10 days to remove the keratinized skin layer. This helps to clear the skin and reduce acne.

  • Treatments: Get acne core, intensive skin care.
  • Treatment time: Maintain a skin care regimen every 7-10 days to own smooth, acne-free skin.

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2. For severe acne

Acne hidden under the skin, headless pustules, cystic acne, these are the types of acne listed in the list of severe acne. At this time, it is advisable to choose reputable treatment facilities to be examined by qualified doctors and experts and give appropriate treatment.

The faster you find the acne treatment facilities, the more you can shorten the time as well as limit the damage to the skin. The longer you leave it on, the deeper the bacteria will invade the skin, exacerbating the inflammation of the acne. Thereby making the treatment time prolonged as well as can leave concave scars on the skin that cause cosmetic loss.

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Treatment method: Some of the methods you can choose from are as follows:

How long does acne treatment take?

Each treatment method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to consult carefully before choosing to achieve the best effect at the appropriate cost.

Treatment time: From 1 to 5 months depending on the condition of acne on the skin as well as the method you choose.

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3. For severe acne

Eel acne is the most severe type of acne. Once acne develops to this extent, you need to quickly go to reputable treatment facilities, dermatology hospitals to be examined and checked as soon as possible. Because the acne root is now deep inside the skin, persistent pus oozes creating the outer epidermis.

If prolonged or sustained treatment with conventional acne medications or treatments, applying a mask with natural ingredients not only will not treat it, but can also worsen the acne condition. Even skin infection.

How long does acne treatment take?

Treatment method: In case of severe acne, you need to be examined by a dermatologist and checked for inflammation of the skin. Then, based on the acne condition, the combination of prescribing oral medications for internal treatment and applying external treatments.

Treatment time: From 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of the acne.

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The method of treating acne is important to decide the duration of treatment, however, your skin care, diet, sleep is also important to help the treatment process take place more quickly. Here are some notes you should pay attention to:

  • Clean facial skin: Depending on the condition of acne, you have different ways to clean your skin. It is important to choose gentle cleansing products that do not irritate the skin. If you have makeup, you need to clean the makeup in the evening. However, if you are in the process of treating acne, the advice for you is not to minimize or limit the make-up, so that the skin is clear.
  • Scientific diet and rest: Do not eat hot spicy foods, sweeteners, stimulants, etc. drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Don't stay up late and avoid stress and stress.
  • An extremely important note is that Follow the instructions and recommendations of experts, doctorsĩ. Because they are the ones who best understand your current acne situation.

Acne treatment is a very long process, so you need to be patient, do not be too hasty that can lead to bad results. With the above post, Miss Tram Academy Hope to have provided you with useful information. Hope you find your smooth, bright skin soon!

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