Does anyone who works in spa also have a terrible income? first

Does anyone who works in spa also have a terrible income?

Does anyone who works in spa also have a terrible income?

"Since switching to the Spa industry, my life/income has improved a lot, I don't have to worry about money, the guests are constantly coming in and out, so I'm very happy.” – Extracted from the sharing and experiences of students / KTV who have graduated and owned their own Spa.

Not 100% of Spa apprentices can earn a huge income, opening their own business like the example above. However, the percentage of Spa students who have a stable life or are successful in their career when they graduate is still one of the top industries in Vietnam.

Find out the income of the spa profession
How much is the basic income of the spa profession?

For those new to the professionIf you work hard and invest time in a short course from 4-6 months, you can easily find an apprenticeship place with a basic income including basic salary + commission on the service (tour fee). The average income level at this new career stage is considered to be much higher than other industries.

KTV with 2-3 years experience: the income now depends on the size of the spa you are doing and your skills. A KTV who is dedicated to the profession, meticulous in each treatment / treatment step, consulting beauty services for customers can achieve a high income, on average from 14 to 20 million VND/month. For excellent KTV can reach more than 1 million VND/day.

Or after working with experience for about 4 years, and with an accumulated amount of about 200 million VND, many of you choose to open a small and medium spa business. With this choice, if you work hard to invest in the quality of products/services and have a suitable promotion and marketing strategy, earning hundreds of millions of dollars/month is not too difficult. However, this is not a sunny and windy road for everyone. Refer Notes to know if you want to open a spa.

The increasing demand for beauty has created a "fever" in the current economy, so those who are in need of a Spa business should immediately consult the knowledge and experience ... to develop successfully! Refer 5 hottest beauty professions nowadays.

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