How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing 4

How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing

Talking about the professions with great income today, it is impossible not to mention cosmetic tattooing. However, how does this profession make a huge income? Is it true to the advertisements you often see in the media? To help you have the most specific view on this issue, Miss Tram Academy Please refer to the article below.

How great is the income of cosmetic tattoo spray?

How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing?

1. Short study time and high job opportunities

One training course for cosmetic tattoo spray usually extends from 3 - 6 months For those of you who are just starting out in this profession. Those who need to study intensively or learn to manage will have a longer time. However, compared to choosing a university, this is still a very short period of time. After finishing the course, you can go to work at the beauty center without taking time to learn an apprenticeship.

How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing 5

Find out the income of cosmetic tattoo spray

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Besides, the need to beautify and perfect the defects of the body like a couple thin eyebrows short, light color or dark lips, human paleness is very high and shows no signs of decline. In addition, on the market is the birth of thousands of large and small beauty centers each year, making the human resource demand of this industry very large. That shows that the job opportunities for those who pursue this profession are very open. 

2. Huge income with cosmetic tattooing

How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing 6

The ability of the technician affects the income of cosmetic tattoo spray

Considered one of the professions with high income, cosmetic tattooing can bring you tens of millions of dong in income. However, the level of income will depend on many factors, specifically:

+ Competency of the technician: 

  • Just graduated: Technicians who have just graduated and started working will have a basic salary from 8 - 10 million copper.
  • Has extensive experience: Technicians with extensive work experience, aesthetic taste and hard skills can raise the basic salary up to 10 - 15 million copper.

+ Discount rate according to the number of customers can do: Each center will have a separate discount for technicians. The more customers you make, the higher the discount will be.

If you are a person with solid skills, highly specialized knowledge, and are invited by training centers to be lecturers, your total income can reach tens of millions of dong.

In particular, those with capital, experience and highly specialized knowledge can open their own shops, the income can be hundreds of millions of dong.

Thus, you can see that the income source of a cosmetic tattoo technician can range from 10 million to hundreds of millions of dong. Not to mention the sales bonuses, year-end bonuses depending on the structure of each establishment will be different to help increase your income.

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3. Things to note

Although this is a profession that will bring you a huge amount of income, but if you do not have the passion, love for the job as well as determination and perseverance, it is easy to give up at the beginning. apprentice. Because this is a job where you will have to repeat the same movement many times so that it is smooth, causing boredom in the learning and working process.

How Terrible is the Income of Cosmetic Tattooing 7

Things to keep in mind to have a great income for cosmetic tattooing

In addition to the love of the job, you must be proactive in training and updating new knowledge and technologies to improve your skills. Only then can we meet the increasingly stringent requirements of our customers. Only then will you attract customers, help increase your brand and reputation as well as the business you are working for. 

The working mind is also something that you must constantly keep in mind. In any industry, when you work with your heart, you will bring customers quality products as well as limit the risks that may occur in the implementation process. That is an important factor to help you stick with and develop with this profession or not.

The last thing is choosing a training institution for yourself. Choosing the right one right from the start can help you learn the necessary knowledge for the future work process while saving time, effort and money for learning as well as improving your job opportunities . Currently, there are many reputable and quality training institutions across the country that you can refer to and choose from.

+ Note: Sharing Experiences To Open A Successful Cosmetic Tattooing Facility

With the above information, hopefully, it has brought you more knowledge about tattooing as well as helping you make the right choice for you. Miss Tram Academy Understand that income is one of the important factors that you always want to know when you have a need to learn a certain profession. However, choose a career that suits your interests and passions, then it will bring you excitement and enthusiasm at work.

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