Practice getting medical grade acne
Students practice taking medical grade acne

Before & After Medical Standard Acne Practice Photos


Big acne, small acne doesn't make it difficult for home students Miss Tram Academy where are you!

Practice taking acne gently
Trainees practice taking acne gently.
Practice removing acne without darkening
Students practice taking the core of acne without darkening.
Practice painless acne
Students practice painless acne.

The students applied Medical standard acne removal technique Effective for customers:

  • Does not cause infection for using the Instruments are autoclaved, completely sterile.
  • Limit skin damage, do not leave pitted scars, bad scars.
  • Help Deep clean dirt, dead cells on the skin, so help Prevent new acne from forming.

Practice every day - get up soon, wish the KTVs always keep the fire of enthusiasm, study hard to reap more success in the future!

In addition, students can refer to the information of popular courses (depending on their interests) to get started with the beauty profession:

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