Before And After The Results Of Processing And Sculpting Eyebrows With 9D Yarn

Realistic Results Processing And Sculpting of 9D Threaded Eyebrow.

Before: This customer's old eyebrows used to be used for beauty by the Embroidery method. However, up to now, the eyebrows have shown signs of breakage, making the eyebrows look pale and no longer suitable for the face.

Or: At Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, she was consulted and beautified by an expert for eyebrows by 9D sculpting. In addition, she also chooses the dark brown color of the Queen ink line - with ingredients from 100% natural herbs, completely harmless, smooth color with high durability and not oxidized green-red after use. fly.

Let's take a closer look at Miss Tram's new eyebrows before and after doing it! 


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