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Top 7 Spa Skin Care Cosmetic Brands

Many spa cosmetic brands were born to support beauty centers and spas during treatment and Skin Care for customers. And for spa owners to find a "honest" brand that meets the criteria: effectiveness - safety - reasonable price among a series of names is not simple.

To help you choose the right spa cosmetics company for the services you are providing, let's Miss Tram Academy Discover TOP 7 cosmetic brand for spa prestige below!

Best Cosmetic Brand For Spa

1. DORI Beauty Cosmetics – Specializing in specific treatments for Spa / clinic in Vietnam

Dori Beauty currently leading the list of TOP quality spa cosmetics. As a domestic brand, DORI understands the skin and climate of Vietnam, so it brings the most suitable and best spa cosmetics for Vietnamese people.

specialized cosmetics for spa
DORI Beauty Cosmetics

Outstanding features of DORI Beauty brand:

a. Safe - benign - effective products

  • Ingredients are extracted from nature and manufactured based on modern medical knowledge.
  • Products – product processes are thoroughly researched and tested before being put into actual use.

b. High product efficiency and applicability

  • Can be used on a wide range of skin types and results are easily seen after a short time of use.
  • Capable of solving almost any problem that the skin encounters: melasma, age spots, freckles, large pores, acne...

c. Maximum support for partners using DORI Beauty products:

d. Advantages of DORI BEAUTY . products

  • Focuses on safety, benignity and individual advice tailored to each skin type.
  • The product has been used by thousands of customers at Spa for more than 15 years, so you can be assured of its actual effectiveness.

e. Natural ingredients in DORI BEAUTY treatments:

  • Collagen peptide: skin care, prevent dryness, anti-oxidant.
  • Ginseng: cleans pores, regenerates skin.
  • Mulberry: brightens skin, protects skin.
  • Camellia: deeply moisturizes, reduces excess oil.
  • Red Lingzhi: promote and support the process of gathering acne, pushing acne 
  • Grape essence: anti-oxidant, restore and regenerate skin
  • Perilla leaf essence: anti-inflammatory, dark treatment

2. Cosmetics Tegoder Cosmetics

Established in 1993, Tegoder Cosmetics increasingly gaining a foothold in the field of spa cosmetics. This brand is currently distributed in 45 countries (including Vietnam) and is trusted by many experts and dermatologists in the process of skin treatment.

cosmetic brand for spa
Tegoder Cosmetics

Highlights of Tegoder Cosmetics:

  • Products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients.
  • Cosmetic quality is guaranteed thanks to a closed production process that meets GMP standards and a strict inspection process before being sold.
  • The product lines used for spa are capable of solving many problems from simple to complex such as: melasma, freckles, large pores, acne ...
  • Highly rated products of Tegoder Cosmetics: B-Like Concentrate, GF FC revitalizing essence, Bionic Age Peeling…

3. Paula's Choice Skincare Cosmetics

Paula's Choice Skincare is famous for its specialized skin care treatments and solving "problems" related to the skin. Although not focusing on specialized spa cosmetics, Paula's Choice Skincare is still trusted by many spa and beauty institutes in their treatment.

best cosmetic brand for spa
Paula's Choice Skincare Cosmetics

Paula's Choice Skincare Features:

  • Natural cosmetic ingredients - safe - benign and certified by the American research institute.
  • Often used for basic cleaning and skin care at spas.
  • Depending on the location and skin, the effectiveness of Paula's Choice Skincare products also varies.
  • Some products of Paula's Choice Skincare: Extra Strength cream, Paula's Choice Skin Recovery SPF30 sunscreen, Paula's Choice cleanser...

4. Skin Clinic Cosmetics

Trending Skin Clinic cosmetics Recently, many spas - beauty centers have been trusted. Originating in Spain, Skin Clinic is now present in 50 countries and used by more than 30.000 clinics in Europe.

best cosmetics for spa
Skin Clinic Cosmetics

Some highlights of Skin Clinic cosmetics:

  • High level of safety and benign, clearly visible effect after a period of use.
  • Wide range of products from skin care to treatment of skin problems.
  • Skin Clinic's melasma cosmetic is highly appreciated and makes the brand's name.
  • Suitable for many skin types at different ages.
  • Refer to a few products of Skin Clinic: Melanyc Peptide, M Cream, Melanyc, Melanyc Daily...

5. Eucerin Cosmetics

Eucerin originating from Germany. Although this brand specializes in providing at-home skin care products, many spas - beauty centers still use its cosmetics in skin care and treatment procedures for customers.

spa-safe cosmetics
Eucerin Cosmeceuticals

Features of Eucerin spa cosmetics:

  • Gentle ingredients - safe - benign, can be used even for sensitive skin.
  • Products often contain essences specifically for the skin, trusted by many dermatologists.
  • Eucerin's highly-rated cosmetics: Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Cleanser, Dermo Purifyer Toner, Dermo Purifyer Active Night Care...

6. Farmasi Spa Cosmetics

Pharmacy is also a spa cosmetic brand that is highly appreciated by many industry experts. Farmasi originates from Turkey and now has a genuine distribution agent in Vietnam.

spa safe cosmetic brand
Farmasi Spa Cosmetics

Outstanding features of Farmasi's cosmetic lines:

  • Can be applied on all skin types, including sensitive skin thanks to safe and benign ingredients.
  • Complete beauty support from intensive treatment cosmetics to skincare and makeup.
  • Affordable price.
  • Some products of Farmasi: acne treatment kit Dr. C Tuna, Tea Tree Dr. C. Tuna, Tea Tree Sos Farmasi…

7. Shin Nee Spa Cosmetics

Shin Nee is a specialized cosmetic brand for spa was born by the cooperation of Shynh Beauty and one of the three largest cosmetic manufacturing corporations in Korea. Shin Nee's products are researched and developed by leading experts in Korea. Currently, Shin Nee has become a trusted brand by many spas and beauty centers in their treatment.

spa safe cosmetic brand
Shin Nee Spa Cosmetics

Features of Shin Nee:

  • Supports the care and treatment of skin damage problems quickly and effectively.
  • Natural extracts, safe for skin – including sensitive skin.
  • Quality is guaranteed thanks to advanced production technology transferred and rigorous quality control process before shipment.
  • Shin Nee's highly-rated cosmetics: 24k gold anti-aging serum, Revital Cooling Ampoule moisturizing serum...

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The above article has summarized the TOP 7 cosmetic brand for spa, hope to help you choose a trusted brand to use in spa treatments and services. If you have any questions or want to learn about beauty courses at Miss Tram Academy - please contact the hotline 1900 7018 or email teamcrmmisstram@gmail.com.

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