What is the standard of beauty of female eyebrows determined?

[Q&A] What is the standard of beauty of female eyebrows determined?

BEAUTIFUL eyebrows determine 80% of the overall face, making the lines sharper and more harmonious. No matter how much the charisma or beauty increases, it is also thanks to the beautiful eyebrows.

Therefore, it is normal to take care of them which can take up to tens of minutes a day. And when you have chosen to intervene with cosmetic methods, there must also be standards to help the KTV and the customer to evaluate the eyebrows for themselves. PERFECT BEAUTY or not? What are those criteria? Specifically determined?

Let's find out with Mis Tram now!

+ The eyebrows are too long or too short, there must be 3 parts: the head, the top and the tail of the eyebrow.

+ The distance between the 3 parts ensures the following ratio: The head to the tip is 2/3 of the eyebrow length, this means that the distance from the head to the top will be twice the distance from the top to the tail of the eyebrow.

+ The thickness of the head should be twice as much as the top and 3 times the tail with light color at the top, gradually darkening down the tail, but there should not be too big a difference in hue.

+ When drawing a straight line from the tip of the nose to the tail of the eye, up to the eyebrow, pay attention to a little higher than the beginning of the eyebrow, then stop, this is the perfect end of the eyebrow tail.

Especially with women's eyebrows, there are many different eyebrow shapes: Thai eyebrow shape, European eyebrow shape, Korean horizontal eyebrow shape... with trends that are constantly updated and changed. So just relying on the above criteria is not enough. Even myself #TeamMissTram must also constantly research, learn and update the latest information to pass on to their students.

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

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