Which "Standard" Creates A BEAUTIFUL Eyebrows for Customers 2

What “Standard” Creates A BEAUTIFUL Eyebrows For Customers

[Q & A] What “Standard” Creates A BEAUTIFUL Eyebrows for Customers

Which "Standard" Creates A BEAUTIFUL Eyebrows for Customers 3

Although it only occupies a very small area on the face, the eyebrows play an important role. The face can become sharp or gentle, ugly or beautiful, all can depend on the shape of the eyebrows.

This sometimes creates pressure, making newcomers feel confused about whether their beauty results are okay or not? And the question here is "Is there a "standard" to help evaluate a pair of BEAUTIFUL eyebrows for customers?"

The answer is HAVE Please keep in mind the following GENERAL standards:

  • The eyebrows are not too long, not too short, must be full of 3 parts: The first part of the eyebrow, the top of the eyebrow and the end of the eyebrow.
  • The distance between the 3 eyebrows must ensure the following ratio: The head to the tip is 2/3 of the eyebrow length, this means that the distance from the head to the tip will be twice the distance from the top to the tail of the hair. you.
  • The tip of the eyebrow should be twice the thickness of the top and 3 times the tail of the eyebrow.
  • The color of the eyebrows should be light at the beginning and darker at the bottom, but there is not a big difference in color.
  • You draw a straight line from the tip of the nose to the tail of the eye, up to the eyebrow, pay attention to a little higher than the top of the eyebrow, then stop, this is the perfect ending point for you.

These are the most common standards to help you assess how perfect the eyebrows are. However, there are a few other standards that apply specifically to men or women. Miss Tram will share in the next topics, remember to follow often!

For more information, the popular courses (depending on your interests) to get started with the beauty industry are:

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