Getting Rich With Spa - Truth or Advertising Tricks 4

Getting Rich With Spa – Truth or Advertising Tricks

Surely once you have had the desire to learn and stick with the spa profession, you have at least once heard or seen articles about the ability to get rich quickly and change your life with this spa profession. However, is that true or is it just an advertising trick of training centers to attract students? 

Getting Rich With Spa – Truth or Advertising Tricks

1. Fast learning process

If the university path takes 3-4 years to graduate, then with only a 4-6 month spa vocational course, you can already have the knowledge and skills in your hand. basic to be able to work in today's large and prestigious beauty salons and centers.

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Thus, shortening the study time helps you save both study time and increase working time, thereby increasing your income. With a period of 1-2 years in the profession, your qualifications will be increased, then your income will also increase significantly.

2. The demand for beauty today is huge

Beauty has always been a great human need from time immemorial. If in the past, the coming spa Beauty care, relaxation is only for the upper class, today, this need has developed and spread to all walks of life. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, regardless of age, you can choose the right beauty care services for yourself.

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Along with that is the booming development of facilities and beauty centers. Every year, nearly 2000 beauty salons are opened, requiring a huge demand for human resources. Therefore, this is one of the professions that bring very high job opportunities for everyone.

3. What is the actual income of the spa profession?

As the above analysis shows, the opportunity to work in the spa profession is very high and this is a great opportunity for everyone. So what is the actual income of this profession? This depends on the following basic factors:

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  • Size of the place where you apply to work: In fact, the larger the facilities, beauty and beauty care centers, the higher the basic salary for employees will be. And of course higher than other small establishments.
  • Your work capacity: Working capacity is also a factor that determines how much your basic salary is.
  • Fresh out of the job: The basic salary for newcomers will fall between 4,5 - 6 million VND. After working for 6 months or 1 year, the basic salary will be increased depending on the development ability of each specialist, which can be from 8 to 10 million VND.

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  • For those of you with solid skills, Being able to implement new technologies well will be an advantage: you will have the right to negotiate with the establishment that wants to hire you a high hard salary; Or you are welcomed by large beauty salons and centers and offer a good salary. At this time, the basic salary can be 12-15 million VND.
  • In addition to the basic salary you receive, a cosmetologist There is also a commission based on the amount of work you do, is the main income of technicians. This percentage of commission will vary depending on the workplace.
  • For skilled professionals, there is more good pedagogy The basic salary for teaching assistants and lecturers for them can be over 15 million VND.

Thus, the total income of a cosmetologist who is new to the profession until proficient and professional can ranging from 8 million to 20 million dong (The salary is being surveyed in general at the moment), not to mention about the facility-specific policy rewards they work for.

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The income level and the factors affecting the income level that Miss Tram analyzed above only refer to the case where you are a professional working for beauty salons and centers, not to mention the case where you yourself. open your own business. 

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Some notes for you:

  • To be able to achieve the same income as Miss Tram shared, you must be someone who has attended training courses at reputable training centers. A place that can guarantee the quality of workmanship after finishing the course.
  • If you want to increase your income by opening your own business, in addition to ensuring solid skills and in-depth knowledge of spas, you need to have knowledge of spa management, knowledge of the law as well as market demand, etc. to ensure that the spa's operation goes well and brings profit.

With that information Miss Tram Academy shared above, in your opinion, getting rich with spa profession is the truth or advertising gimmick. You probably already have your own answer. However, Miss Tram still wants to remind you that, in order to get rich with a certain profession, in addition to professional knowledge, what you really need is passion, love and working mind. These factors will help you develop more in the field you pursue.

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