Common Skin Conditions When Using a Dermatoscope
Common Skin Conditions When Using a Dermatoscope

Common Skin Conditions When Using a Scanner

Common Skin Conditions When Using a Dermatoscope

Skin examination, dermatoscopy is often the first step in skin care and treatment services at Spa. If the beauty consultant or KTV is not proficient in using dermatoscopes, cannot read skin results, it is difficult to create trust and confidence. “Close the course” be with customers.

Common Skin Conditions When Using a Dermatoscope
Common skin conditions when using a dermatoscope

Miss Tram Academy will reveal about common skin results when examining skin, stay tuned.

  • Normal skin: fine texture, moist enough, light but not oily, with good elasticity.
  • Dehydrated skin (less water, more oil): skin texture is not clear, large pores, rough surface and oil secretion.
  • Dry skin (less water, less oil): chaotic texture, small pores, dry and dull skin.
  • Oily skin (a lot of water, a lot of oil): the texture of the skin is thick and coarse, the pores are large, the surface of the skin is shiny.
  • Neutral skin (more water, less oil): The texture is clear, the pores are quite small, the surface is bright but not oily.
  • Aging skin: sagging skin, protein fibers running parallel to each other, rough, convex surface.
  • Sensitive skin: the skin has tiny red particles everywhere, the skin surface is thin.
  • Lead contaminated skin: skin appears mossy green spots.
  • Toxin-contaminated skin: there are tiny metallic glowing spots on the skin.
  • Skin lesions: spider web-shaped skin structure, redness.
  • Congested Pores: Yellow spots (hidden acne) are located right in the pores.
  • The dermatoscope has the ability to magnify the skin up to 50 times, helping technicians quickly and accurately identify each customer's problem and skin condition. However, without practicing dermatoscopy many times, without knowing the skin condition, it is difficult to read the results correctly.

At Miss Tram Academy, the trainees will practice regular dermatoscopy with a dermatoscope as well as be specifically introduced to each "skin scenario" to advise customers in the most appropriate and convincing way.

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