Funny sayings to get ideas for communication in the beauty industry

Top Funny Sayings Get Ideas For Cosmetology Media:

I still vividly remember the first time, I decided not to wear makeup and went to see him. Since then, I have not been able to contact him anymore…

There is no ugly woman, only the…not beautiful woman.


In today's society, the biggest difference between people is not intelligence, but beauty.

Some children will never be beautiful forever just because they believe they are already beautiful.


"Bad" is the reason there is no Bear


Trash-picking shorts, definitely handsome…


Talented integrity. Talent is looking for a teacher to practice. For color, go to the beauty salon and ask for it


Bad from pre-school, bad to intermediate, bad broken land, bad church, bad hospital, bad bitexco blackout, bad solo no opponent.

Dear Mosquito,
If only you knew how to suck fat instead of sucking blood, I would have given this body to you a long time ago 🙂

Once upon a time, the beauty of heaven
Today beauty is made by people

If being handsome is a crime, I'm innocent!


Evil is a sin, not a sin in sin, but a sin in poverty


Do you know why she herself has a bad life, because no one cares how long bad girls live?

Ugliness is not a crime, it is a crime to have no money to restore beauty


He's back twice as powerful… four times as handsome… and 2 times more humble…


Even though he's not beautiful, but... it's okay to look hard =]]


- Do you think I'm perfect or ugly?
- Both
- How so???
– Because you are perfectly ugly

I used to be the type of person who relied on beauty to make ends meet… Then almost starved to death


You're beautiful, you have to have the right to be arrogant, you're so beautiful but you have morals that people force you to be a beauty queen :p

Every ugly girl has something beautiful…that's her friends


There are days when nature is lonely to the extreme... so lonely that only beauty is next to us.


As bad as I call you handsome, you wince.
Pretty girl like it says I look like a dog and I laugh too..

Wearing matching clothes doesn't have to be afraid, whoever is ugly will be shy. =))


The best way to become prettier… is to hang out and take pictures with kids who are uglier than me

If someone says I'm ugly. I'll go back and smack that kid in the face
Let that person know, I am not only ugly but also evil. =)))))))

Life is a disaster
Why are we so cute!

Autumn leaves yellow leaves
Acne leaves a lot of bruises

If anyone speaks ill of me, say it in front of me, don't say it behind my back. Because my back is not ugly, my face is ugly...

G: Is there pure friendship between boys and girls?
B: As long as it's ugly, all four people are brothers...

Fat, beautiful, thin, cute, tall, short, noble, normal... disgusting.


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