Things to Note When Massage Face For Customers 2

Things to Note When Massage Face For Customers

Face massage is a method that brings a lot of benefits to the process facial skin care. This is an important step in the skin care process at spa facilities, beauty salons. This step not only brings a firm, smooth skin, but it also brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

However, massage does not always bring benefits, if the massage process is not technically correct, it can cause adverse effects that affect the skin greatly.

Therefore, the technician needs to ensure that he/she masters professional knowledge and skills. At the same time, you should note the following during facial massage for guests.

Things to Note When Massage Face For Customers

1. Do not massage too hard

massage is the process of performing facial movements to promote blood circulation, making the skin firm and ruddy. However, many people mistakenly believe that massage should be done with strong movements, so that it can be effective. However, this thinking is completely wrong, if the massage is too strong, it will exert a great force on the skin, affecting the connection of cells and muscles on the facial skin. saggy.

Things to keep in mind when massaging a customer's face

Therefore, only gentle massage should be enough to warm up to help absorb nutrients quickly, increase blood circulation as well as the connection between fibers. collagen, skin cells.

2. Massage should only be for the right amount of time

Not every massage for a long time is good. It depends on the skin condition as well as the skin type of the customer that there is an appropriate massage time. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, you should not massage too much, but just need to perform acupressure movements and apply appropriate masks.

How to massage facial skin for customers

As for normal to dry skin, you can massage for a period of 10-15 minutes, oily skin should only massage for 8-10 minutes without doing it longer, because if it is too long, the skin will be irritated. Likes to produce more oil, making the shine on the skin even worse.

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3. No vegetarian massage but must have supporting products

When massage, technicians should not only perform with water, but should have supporting products. Because water does not create smoothness for the skin, causing the skin to stretch and move when performing massage movements. Not only does not promote the effect of massage but also causes dryness and wrinkles for the skin.

What should be noted in massage for guests?

Therefore, there should be supporting products such as serums, lotions, massage creams or essential oils for the skin, both to help provide nutrients and be safe for customers' skin.

4. Massage in accordance with the client's skin condition

The effect of massage cannot be denied, but it is not necessarily good for all skin types. If the customer has acne skin, this time should not do massage because this can cause the acne to break, then spread to other skin areas and make the acne worse. At the same time, massage also makes sensitive skin more easily irritated.

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Therefore, at this time, only a few acupressure movements should be performed and a suitable mask for the skin as mentioned above is the best method. For aging skin, massage should only be gentle and flexible, while healthy skin can be combined with patting movements to help increase blood circulation.

facial massage steps for customers

5. Massage with correct technique

The massage will become counterproductive if the movement is performed incorrectly. This can cause the skin to sag, wrinkle and lose elasticity. Because each area of ​​the face has a different structure, each area will have appropriate movements to bring a smooth, firm and youthful skin. But there is a principle to master that massage movements must be performed in the direction from the bottom up, from the inside out.

Things to Note When Massage Face For Customers 3

*** Some note:

  • The guest's skin needs to be clean, remove all makeup, sunscreen as well as dirt, excess oil before performing massage operations. The technician must also ensure that the hands and tools used are clean and hygienic before putting them on the skin. Otherwise, dirt, excess oil, and bacteria left behind will be the cause of acne, affecting customers.
  • Before using a product on the skin, it is necessary to ask the customer if there is an allergy or irritation to that product, so that no unfortunate cases occur.

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Choosing skin care services, especially women's facial massage, is becoming more and more popular. Because of the amazing effects it brings. Therefore, spa facilities, especially technicians, need to understand the principles and techniques of implementation to bring the best experience to their customers. With the above notes, Miss Tram Academy Hope to have provided you with useful information for your working process.

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